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Choosing The Best: Frontier Pets’ Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Considering the benefits of freeze dried dog food for your precious pet? This innovative choice blends essential nutrition with unbeatable convenience, perfectly fitting into your busy lifestyle. 

Frontier Pets stands at the forefront, offering high-quality, sustainable options that nurture both your pet and our planet. Discover the joys of a healthier, happier pet life with the switch to our organic dog food.

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A deeper look into freeze dried dog food

As a pet parent, you’re always on the lookout for the best ways to care for your dog. Quality dog nutrition is at the heart of your dog’s health and happiness, and it’s no wonder you’re exploring freeze dried dog food. This innovative approach to dog food isn’t just a trend but a game-changer for discerning dog owners who want to combine convenience with quality nutrition.

At its core, freeze drying is a process that gently removes moisture from dog food while preserving its essential nutrients. By removing water, this method keeps vital nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, intact. 

Another remarkable aspect of freeze drying dog food is its ability to retain the food’s natural flavours, colours, and aromas. Unlike traditional dog food processing methods, which can diminish these qualities, freeze drying ensures that your pet’s meal is not only nutritionally optimal but also appealing sensory-wise. This means your dog gets to enjoy the taste and smell of real food, just as nature intended. 

Dog food dried through a freeze-drying technique is also significantly lighter – often weighing about four times less than its original form – yet packed full of the same nutritional goodness.

The convenience of freeze dried dog food

Our daily lives are hectic, making it more crucial than ever to find the balance between providing nutritious meals for our pets and managing time effectively. As a pet owner, you’re often juggling multiple responsibilities, and the convenience that feeze-dried dog food offers fits seamlessly into a busy lifestyle. 

One of the main advantages of freeze-dried dog food is its ease of preparation. Imagine the simplicity of just adding water, waiting a few minutes, and voilà – a wholesome meal is ready for your pet. This eliminates the time-consuming steps typically involved in preparing traditional dog food, making it ideal for pet owners who are short on time but still want to give their dogs a nutritious meal.

Reconstituting freeze dried dog food isn’t the same as adding water to regular dog dry foods. If you added water to dry kibble, you wouldn’t be reconstituting the kibble – you’d just be making slush. When you add water to freeze dried dog food, you’re bringing it back to its original form. 

Another significant benefit of freeze dried dog food is its no-fuss storage. The lightweight nature of freeze dried food makes it easy to store and transport, making it ideal for adventures with your beloved pet. 

You can keep freeze dried dog food at room temperature without worrying about spoilage. This means you can stock up on your dog’s food, ensuring you’re always prepared, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Choosing Frontier Pets for your canine companion

At Frontier Pets, we’re passionate about providing the best for your pet. Our freeze dried dog food is crafted with care, expertise, and a deep understanding of what dogs naturally crave and need. Sourced and manufactured at our facility in collaboration with a leading Australian vet and an animal nutritionist with over 30 years of experience, our pet food line represents the pinnacle of holistic dog nutrition.

Our dog and cat food products are on a different level compared to generic pet food in Australia. We source our ingredients, including chicken, pork, and grass-fed beef, from free-range environments (for whole of life). Unlike many commercial pet foods supermarkets carry, our products are free from grains, unnecessary fillers, and preservatives. 

Our freeze dried healthy dog food is ready in seconds; just add warm water, and it transforms into a fresh, warm meal in about 20 seconds. Our food for pets is designed to bring back the goodness of fresh ingredients, ensuring your pet enjoys a meal that’s both nutritious and delicious every single time.

Additionally, our products offer the convenience of not needing refrigeration or freezing and boast an extended shelf life. A 2.5kg bag of Frontier Pets equates to 10kg of food for your pet, ensuring ample supply. It’s also incredibly travel-friendly. Whether heading to the park or going on a longer adventure, you can easily take our natural pet food with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can freeze dried dog food be used for training treats?

Freeze dried dog treats are a fantastic choice for training treats. Its lightweight and dry texture allows for easy handling and portioning into smaller pieces, making it ideal for training. Dogs are often drawn to the appealing taste and aroma of Frontier Pets freeze dried treats making it a highly effective reward during training sessions.

Is freeze dried dog food a healthy option for my pet?

Yes, freeze dried dog food is generally a healthy option for your dog. The freeze drying process preserves the nutritional value of the food, ensuring that essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes remain intact. Typically packed with high-quality proteins and fruit and vegetable produce, it’s a nutritious pick for your pet’s diet.

Can freeze dried dog food be used for all life stages of a dog?

Freeze dried dog food can indeed cater to dogs of all life stages, depending on its formulation. It’s ideal to get a veterinarian’s advice to ensure the amount of food you give your dog meets the nutritional needs specific to their age and lifestyle. Our products at Frontier Pets, for example, are AAFCO- and NRC-compliant, offering a complete and balanced canine diet to support your dog’s daily activities.

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Frontier Pets: nourishing pets, nurturing the planet

At Frontier Pets, we’re more than just a pet food company; we’re a force for positive change. Our philosophy is simple: nourish your pets while nurturing our planet. 

As a founder-owned and -led brand, we are deeply committed to the well-being of your pets and the environment we all share. We’re part of a movement towards a healthier planet, where every purchase contributes to a greener earth. Each purchase from Frontier Pets directly supports sustainable farming. To date, we’ve contributed $7 million towards these practices.

To make your life easier, we offer a convenient subscription service. This ensures a steady supply of nutritional dog food or cat food, delivered straight to your doorstep. Plus, if you have any queries or need assistance, our responsive Australia-based team is always ready to help.

Choosing Frontier Pets means embracing a brand that feeds good and does good. Place your orders with us today!

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