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How To Choose Delicious, Healthy and Sustainable Food for Pets

From avoiding harmful additives in dog and cat food to embracing the vitality of raw ingredients, Frontier Pets leads the charge in revolutionising food for pets.

In this article, we aim to provide you with the knowledge of knowing more about the impact of ethically-sourced, nutritionally rich food that not only satisfies your furry friends but also supports sustainable farming. Discover how the right pet food can contribute to a healthier planet – and a happier pet. Paws down, the best food in town!

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The importance of quality pet food

Ingredients to avoid

When choosing food for pets, there are a few things you‘ll need to avoid. For dog food, steer clear of unnecessary food fillers and additives, which lack nutritional value. Beware of artificial flavourings and colorings, notorious for triggering allergies. Plus, hidden sugars could spell dental woes and weight management problems.

And when it comes to cat food, heavily processed foods packed with hard-to-digest carbs are a concern, potentially leading to pet nutrition issues. Choose wisely because what‘s in their bowl matters.

The benefits of raw ingredients

Imagine your pet thriving on a diet that mimics their natural, ancestral eating habits. That‘s the main benefit of raw, freeze-dried food for pets.

The essential nutrients in raw, freeze-dried pet food are a shield for your pet, strengthening their immune system against infections and diseases. Because of the high protein content and absence of filler ingredients in a raw pet diet, pet owners may report an increase in their furry companions’ energy levels. 

The Frontier Pets promise

When it comes to finding good food for pets, you’re not just looking for a calorie source – the goal is to provide them with vitality and balanced nutrition, too.

Enter Frontier Pets. We’re all about Australian pet food that’s as clean as a whistle – no preservatives, fillers, antibiotics, GMOs, or grains. It’s our pledge to serve up meals that are as wholesome as your love for them. Trust us, your pets will be licking their bowls clean and wagging their tails for more!

The Frontier Pets difference

Ethically-sourced, planet-friendly

At Frontier Pets, we don‘t just aim to keep your pets’ tummies happy with the best pet food, like grain-free dog food. We‘re also on an important mission to build a better future, one bowl at a time.

Our food for pets, brimming with 100% free-range (for whole of life) protein and organic produce, comes straight from Aussie farms committed to sustainable agriculture. By choosing Frontier Pets, you’re not only pampering your pet but also championing animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

The goodness of freeze-dried fare

To create top-notch food for pets, we first mince raw ingredients like chicken, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught salmon together and form them into pellets. The raw food is then freeze-dried. Through this process, all of the water is removed, leaving the nutritional value intact – no cooking or intense processing is necessary.

Due to the absence of water in freeze-dried pet food, the calories and nutrition values are concentrated. You‘ll see these concentrated values on our food packaging. There’s no need to look up terms like ‘cat dried food’; try nutritious freeze-dried food for pets instead. 

Simple prep, easy storage

Here‘s the best part – preparing healthy pet food from Frontier Pets is a breeze. Just add warm water to our product. In 20 seconds, you‘ve got a fresh, warm meal that’s bursting with nutrition. It provides the benefits of raw food for pets, minus the mess and fuss.

Plus, our products are a dream to store compared to wet pet food, as you won‘t need to let go of precious refrigerator or freezer space. You can store them in your cupboard, minimising spoilage. One bag becomes FOUR times its size in meals, meaning a 2.5kg bag yields a whopping 10kg of food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Should I rotate my pet‘s food flavours or stick to one?

Rotating your cat or dog‘s diet will introduce a spectrum of essential nutrients, with each formula offering a unique balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This practice not only ensures comprehensive health benefits but also addresses the likelihood of pets becoming disinterested in their meals due to the limited ingredient variety.

In the same way we humans enjoy variety in our meals, introducing different flavours and textures helps your furry friends look forward to chow time.

How to address picky eating behaviour in dogs and cats?

To rule out any health-related causes of picky eating, a veterinary consultation is a good idea. Secondly, do your best to stick to a feeding schedule for your pets, as regular meal times contribute to a structured routine. In addition, make sure the amount is appropriate for your pet‘s weight, age, breed, or special dietary needs. You can use our handy online feeding calculator for this purpose.

This nifty online feature calculates the ideal quantity and pricing of pet food your dog or cat needs. Once you see the breakdown of cost per day – and how long a bag will last you – you can then choose to make a one-time purchase or to stagger delivery over a specific period of weeks.

How to choose a high-quality pet food brand?

When selecting pet food, prioritise products made from raw, human-grade ingredients. At Frontier Pets, we provide pet food in Australia with overall wellness in mind, created in conjunction with a holistic animal nutritionist and vet with over 30 years of experience. Our pet food is AAFCO and NRC compliant, offering a complete and balanced diet.

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Frontier Pets: revolutionising pet food in Australia

At Frontier Pets, our ethos is clear and unwavering: provide exceptional pet nutrition while fostering a healthier planet. Building on the foundations of our founder, we are deeply committed to uncompromising quality in our ingredients and absolute transparency in our practices.

Our products encompass the best practices in nutritional science. Since our inception, we’ve put our support behind Australian farmers practising sustainable agriculture. Every purchase of Frontier Pets not only benefits your furry friend but also contributes to our support for sustainable farming – which is at $7 million and counting.

At Frontier Pets, we make pet food that champions goodness beyond the bowl. Together, let‘s give our pets better food and create a better world in the process.

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