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Free-Range Chicken | Raw Freeze-Dried - Adult

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Gluten Free

All Natural


Made using free-range, raw, organic, and human-grade ingredients, our vet-developed recipes are designed based on the BARF principle (but way more convenient). You can add water or feed it dry, making it the raw food made easy.

Free-Range Chicken | Raw Freeze-Dried - Adult
Free-Range Chicken | Raw Freeze-Dried - Adult Sale price$23.95

How it works

1. Measure Pet's Meal

Measure the amount of dry food your pet needs and add to their bowl.

Refer to the "Daily Feeding Guide" on the pouch for how much to feed your pet, or use our online Feeding Calculator if you're unsure.

2. Add Water

To their bowl, add the same ratio of water as dry food.

For example, if you add 1 cup of dry food, add 1 cup of water.

3. Let Stand & Serve

Once the water is added, let the food stand for around 30-seconds to reconstitute.

The food will start to swell as it absorbs the water. When most of the water is absorbed*, allow your pet to enjoy their meal.

Note: Reconstitution times may vary between different seasons and climates.

How to transition to raw pet food

If your pet has been on a diet of dry kibble and/or processed wet food, it’s important to transition gradually to raw feeding as a complete balanced meal.*​ Raw food is digested differently to processed food. Transitioning too quickly to raw feeding can cause stomach upset. ​

Similarly, if your pet is used to dry kibble or canned food, they may be fussy with raw food at first, so gradually introducing raw food will help their taste buds adjust.

Start with 20% Frontier Pets Raw Freeze-Dried food and 80% of your pet’s ‘usual’ food. Feed 20/80 ratio for 2-4 days, and if there are no major concerns, adjust the ratio to 40/60 for the next 2-4 days.

Increase Frontier Pets by 20% every 2-4 days until you are feeding 100% Frontier Pets food as a complete balanced meal.​

This guide only follows general Vet advice for transitioning to raw feeding. However, every pet is unique, and they may transition at a different pace. If you have any concerns, contact us at or consult your Vet or Animal Health Specialist.​

*Frontier Pets Freeze-Dried Raw Pet Food can be used as a complete balanced meal for 100% raw feeding, or as a Topper for a raw nutrient boost to their usual meals. See our Feeding Guide for details.​

Feeding Calculator

*FEEDING TIP: You can wait for all the water to be absorbed, or you can give your pet the bowl while there is still some water remaining. It makes no difference to the nutritional quality of the meal. And your pet will still get the right hydration as they will usually drink up any delicious excess water whilst eating their dog food or cat food.

What’s in Frontier Pets meals?

Organic Fruits and vegetables frontier pets

Organic Fruit & Vegetable

For vitamins, minerals, fibre & healthy carbohydrates.

Organic Eggs Frontier Pets

Free-Range Eggs

Sourced locally from Free-Range Farms.

Organic Tumeric for pets

Organic Tumeric

Known for its exceptional health properties.

Almond For Dog Food Frontier Pets

Almond Meal

For healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins & minerals.

Seaweed Meal

Packed with vitamin K, vitamins B, zinc, iron & antioxidants.

Free-Range (for whole of life) Proteins

Choose from Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb & Salmon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What other ingredients are included besides chicken?

In addition to raw chicken meat, the ingredient breakdown includes:

  • Offal: Organ meats that provide a rich source of vitamins and minerals for dogs.
  • Fruits & Vegetables: A selection of certified organic, fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, which may include sweet potatoes, broccoli, apples, carrots, and zucchini depending on availability. These contribute essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  • Free-Range Eggs: Locally sourced from free-range farms, contributing additional protein and vital nutrients.
  • Almond Meal: Offers healthy omega-3 fatty acids, along with various vitamins and minerals.
  • Seaweed Meal: A nutrient-dense ingredient rich in vitamin K, B vitamins, zinc, iron, and antioxidants.
  • Turmeric: Valued for its potential health benefits.

Additional Vitamins and Minerals is included to ensure the diet is complete and balanced. Frontier Pets food is formulated to meet or exceed the nutritional levels established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the National Research Council (NRC) UK to be a complete and balanced food for adult dogs, puppies, and adult cats.

Note: Frontier Pets provides a range of freeze-dried raw food options beyond chicken. While specific ingredients may differ based on the protein source (such as beef, pork, etc.), the general composition includes animal offal, fruits & vegetables, and other beneficial ingredients.

What is free-range chicken?

Free-range chicken refers to poultry that is allowed to roam outdoors instead of being confined in cages for their entire lives. Typically, this means they have space to walk around within well-fenced areas of the farm.

One of our chicken suppliers is Milne Pastoral Co, a Western Australian family-owned business renowned for its high-quality meat. At Milne Pastoral Co, animal welfare is a serious commitment. Their free-range chickens are nurtured according to stringent standards and by staff who are dedicated to an animal welfare covenant.

At all times, the birds are treated with the highest respect by compassionate farmers and well-trained staff who adhere to an animal welfare covenant.

Is Frontier Pets food grain-free?

Yes. Frontier Pets is completely grain free.

Does this product suit fussy eaters?

Frontier Pets boasts numerous rave reviews from happy customers with picky pets. For particularly fussy pets, you can also add our dog food as a tasty and tempting meal toppers to make mealtime irresistible!

Can I feed my dog Frontier Pets food dry?

Yes, you can feed your dog Frontier Pets food dry. Our freeze-dried raw food is basically raw meat and vegetables with the water removed. This drying process makes it shelf-stable and lighter, but all the nutrients are still there. You can add water to the food to rehydrate it before feeding your pet, but it's not required.


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