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Frontier Pets


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Premium quality dog food & cat food made with 100% ethically-sourced ingredients.

Raw feeding made easy

Highest rated dog & cat food in Australia

A warm fresh meal in 20 seconds

No fridge or freezer required

Free-range for whole of life 

Direct delivery to anywhere in Australia

Why over 35,000 delighted customers choose Frontier for their pets

"Highly recommend for your next holiday!The bags are super lightweight, hold a lot of food because you rehydrate it with water when serving, and don’t require being refrigerated - PERFECT for camping." - Courtney

"I love that Frontier Pets is Australian-made, human-grade, ethically produced, and provides Pearl with a complete, well-balanced diet. It has changed Pearls life for the better!'' - Jane

''Thanks Frontier, we are thrilled to have an ethically-sourced, nutritious cat food available, which also has minimal packaging waste (and no more smelly bin!)'' - Monica

"All my 5 cats love it! It is convenient to feed on its own or mixed with raw meat. It is a quality product and I will certainly be a repeat customer.'' - Gillian

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Why choose Frontier Pets?

We are Australia’s top-rated pet food for dogs and cats for good reason. All Frontier Pets recipes are specially developed by holistic veterinarian Dr Kathy Cornack to meet dog’s and cat’s Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding (BARF) dietary requirements.

We’ve been helping pet owners feed raw and serve up fresh warm meals for their beloved dogs and cats for almost a decade. But we do more than make the best raw pet food in Australia. Our mission is to go ‘beyond the bowl’ to look after the health of our pets and our planet. We believe that raw nutritious pet food can have a higher purpose.

Our vision is to end Factory Farming and our pets can play a big role in making this a reality. By feeding Frontier Pets dog food and cat food, you are directly and indirectly supporting animal welfare. Our premium quality pet food is made from 100% whole-of-life free-range protein and certified organic produce. We source human-grade ingredients directly from Aussie farmers practicing sustainable agriculture.

Our motto is “feed good, do good” because with Frontier Pets you and your pet can change help the world, one nutritious bowl of pet food at a time.