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Dog Dry Foods: How The Right Choice Can Make A Big Difference

Pet nutrition goes beyond searching for terms like ‘dog dry foods in Australia’ or ‘organic dog dry foods’ online.

In this article by Frontier Pets, we’ll provide you with the information you need to learn more about portion sizes, preparation procedures, and why freeze-dried raw dog food is better for your pooch than other dry food.

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Rewarding for both your pet and the planet

We’re deeply connected to our roots, helping Australian farmers who are all about sustainability. Each purchase you make supports sustainable farming practices that create positive change, with our ongoing effort already contributing over $7 million towards this cause.

Every meal with us is an opportunity for you to do good and for your pet to feel good. So if you’re interested in our Australian pet food and our mission, order a few bags today or consider getting a membership for direct deliveries on a schedule that works for you.

Try us out at Frontier Pets and join us on our mission to build a better future with our sustainable pet food options. Come make a choice for your pet and our common home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How to choose the right dog food for my dog’s breed?

A lot of pet owners have been there, endlessly searching for terms like ‘dog dry foods’ or ‘dog fresh food’ online. Choosing the right dog food can be a challenge, but the good news is that a high-quality option can work well with any breed, regardless of whether you’re caring for an adorable little Chihuahua or perhaps a majestic Great Dane. 

For that reason, our dog food at Frontier Pets is made with certified locally sourced organic produce and raw, 100% free-range meat (for whole of life), offal, and eggs. Our dog food is also one of Australia’s highest rated pet foods and was made by a holistic vet to ensure balanced nutrition.

We also understand that different breeds call for different portion sizes, and as such, you’re always free to use our feeding calculator. You just have to input your dog’s breed, current weight, and other factors, and we’ll do the work for you and provide you with a recommended plan with estimated costs as well.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind that your dog may have unique pet nutrition needs. If that’s the case, you should always consult with a local vet for insight and personalised advice regarding your dog’s pet food and special health requirements.

Can I mix wet and dry dog food together?

You can generally mix wet and dry pet food together, whether you have low- or high-energy dogs.

Just remember that this combination will usually require you to spend time and effort mixing. Plus, a number of dog food options come in cans and typically have unnecessary fillers and preservatives. 

However, we at Frontier Pets recognise the challenge of preparing food for pets. We also know how difficult it is to stay away from specific ingredients when choosing canine kibble. That’s why we proudly present natural options that not only bring you convenience but also nutrition for your pet. 

With our natural dog food, you’ll just have to pour some warm water onto the serving and wait about 20 seconds.

You can also have confidence knowing that our dog food and treat options are free from fillers, preservatives, grains, GMOs, and antibiotics, ultimately helping you stay on top of your pet’s health and overall wellness.

End your search for terms like ‘dog dry foods Australia’ or ‘organic dog dry foods’ online. Try out our offers at Frontier Pets instead!

How do I improve the hydration content of dry dog food?

You can usually increase the hydration content of dry dog food by simply adding water to it. Just note that some dry dog food might not take well to water, so absorption can take a long time.

Serving dog food dried is standard among a lot of pet owners, but adding water can improve digestion, motivate picky eaters, pace the meal out, and help with general hydration. 

With these benefits, it’s easy for you to customise the hydration content with our easy-to-prepare, reconstituted dog food at Frontier Pets. Our pet food is specifically designed to be rehydrated, which means your dog can have a fresh and warm meal every time.

It’s simple; we begin with our fresh and organic ingredients, which are gently minced together. The raw mix is then freeze-dried to remove moisture while preserving the nutritional essence of the ingredients.

On your end, you won’t have to stress about cooking or refrigeration. When you’re ready to serve, you’ll just have to rehydrate the pellets with warm water until they’re reconstituted. This only takes around 30 seconds, offering all the benefits of a raw diet without all the hassle. 

Go from searching terms like ‘dog dry foods Australia’ or ‘organic dog dry foods’ online to serving dog food raw with our preservative-free process.

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The quality you and your pet deserve

We at Frontier Pets pride ourselves on transparency, ensuring that pet owners who shop with us know that they’re getting high-quality and natural ingredients. What’s more, since we’re AAFCO and NRC compliant, you can rest assured that your beloved dog or cat enjoys a complete and balanced diet. 

With us at Frontier Pets, it’s not just about feeding your pet; it’s about nurturing them with every bite.

If you have questions or need assistance, our friendly, Australian-based staff is ready to help. We ship directly to you within twenty-four hours, anywhere in Australia.

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