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How it works

How it’s made

We start with the best ingredients: Raw, fresh, free-range (for whole of life), organic whole foods.

No fillers
No grain
No preservatives
Just the good stuff

We mince these ingredients together and form them into pellets.

We then freeze-dry the raw food. This process removes all of the water, leaving the nutritional value completely intact. No cooking. No intense processing.

As the final dry product does not contain water, the calories and nutrition values are 'concentrated' (like cordial) and the product does not need to be refrigerated or frozen. You'll see these concentrated values on the food packaging.

How to feed

1. Measure Pet's Meal

Measure the amount of dry food your pet needs and add to their bowl.

Refer to the "Daily Feeding Guide" on the pouch for how much to feed your pet, or use our online Feeding Calculator if you're unsure.

2. Add Water

To their bowl, add the same amount of water as dry food. (For example: For 1 Cup of dry food ADD 1 Cup of water).

3. Let Stand & Serve

Once the water is added, let the food stand for around 30-seconds to reconstitute. The food will start to swell as it absorbs the water. When most of the water is absorbed*, allow your pet to enjoy their meal.

Note: Reconstitution times may vary between different seasons and climates.

*FEEDING TIP: You can wait for all the water to be absorbed, or you can give your pet the bowl while there is still some water remaining. It makes no difference to the nutritional quality of the meal. And your pet will still get the right hydration as they will usually drink up any delicious excess water whilst eating their food.

How to set up a subscription

Become a Top Dog or a Top Cat by setting up a subscription with Frontier Pets. Simply choose what frequency you’d like the food to be delivered to you, this can be done either on the collection page or the product page. Just select the option that says SUBSCRIBE & SAVE.

Once you have ordered, an account is created where you can easily manage your subscriptions.

You are not locked into anything.

  • The Top Dog/Top Cat benefits:
  • A set and forget priority auto-delivery service (this can be changed or cancelled anytime).
  • 10% discount on all orders.
  • Early access to deals and MEMBER ONLY benefits throughout the year.
  • First priority on any limited edition items.