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All-Natural Dog Treats

Free-Range Chicken Neck | Raw Freeze-Dried Wholefood TreatsFree-Range Chicken Necks | Raw Freeze-Dried Wholefood Treats
Pet Treats
Free-Range Chicken Necks | Raw Freeze-Dried Wholefood Treats
Sale price$27.95
Free-Range Beef Tripe | Raw Freeze-Dried Wholefood TreatsFree-Range Beef Tripe | Raw Freeze-Dried Wholefood Treats
Pet Treats
Free-Range Beef Tripe | Raw Freeze-Dried Wholefood Treats
Sale price$18.95
Frontier Pets Treats Combo_Beef Tripe_Chicken_NecksTreat Combo
Pet Treats
Treat Combo
Sale price$36.95
Freeze-Dried Raw Free-Range Chicken Hearts | Wholefood Pet TreatsCats and Dogs Eating Chicken Hearts
Pet Treats
Free-Range Chicken Hearts | Freeze-Dried Raw Wholefood Treats
Sale price$17.95
Sold outWild Caught Fish Treats For Dogs & CatsWild Caught Fish Treats For Dogs & Cats
Pet Treats
Wild-Caught Whole Bait Fish | Raw Freeze-Dried Wholefood Treats
Sale price$13.95

More than just a reward

Dogs and cats can both benefit from treats – but only if they are free from added synthetic ingredients and are not heavily processed.

Frontier Pets treats have been designed with three key things in mind:

  1. Minimum processing: All of the treats are simply taken from raw food straight into the freeze-dryer. This process removes the water and nothing but the water, ensuring that the nutritional content and calories remain completely intact. It’s like giving a raw treat, without any of the hassles.
  2. Preservative-free: Frontier Pets dog and cat treats do not contain any preservatives. Because all of the water has been extracted through the freeze-drying process, there is no need for preservatives. It’s the water content of food that houses bacteria. No water – no bacteria – and no need for refrigeration. Simple.
  3. Free-range 100% of the time – no exceptions: Our mission at Frontier Pets is to end Factory Farming. There is no point at which that would waiver. We are 100% free-range – no exceptions. All of Frontier Pets treats come from the same free-range animals we use for the food for your pet dog. Not only does it mean the “no intensive farming” mission, but it also provides a way to use the whole of the animal, so that there is no wastage.

Designed to meet different tastes and different requirements”

There are three treats in the range, all suitable for both dogs and cats:

  1. Grass-fed, free-range tripe: Uses green tripe that is sliced into small pieces and then freeze-dried. There are large and small pieces that can be easily broken up depending on the size of your pet. These make fabulous training treats as they can be fed in small amounts without worrying too much about over-feeding between meal times.

Tripe treats contain 61% protein and 34% fat.

  1. Free-range chicken necks: Made from 100% free-range chicken, these treats make for a more substantial chew. They vary in size but are usually around 6cm long. They can be broken up to make smaller pieces for smaller mouths.

Both dogs and cats go mental for these. They have crunch and all the flavour of chicken with the slimy mess.

More of a ‘thanks for being fabulous’ than a training treat, your pets will literally be begging you for more.

Frontier Pets Chicken Necks contain 59% protein and 26% fat. They are great for teeth cleaning and again, do not require refrigeration.

  1. Wild Caught Fish Treats: These small bait fish are the most sought-after treat in our range. Hugely popular for both cats and dogs, these fish have again gone from a raw product directly into the freeze-dryer. 

There is nothing added. They are small enough to be a treat you can give regularly and smell a lot less ‘fishy’ than you think. They actually have a very pleasant smell.

One of the key benefits of this treat is that it can also be added to your dog or cat food as a ‘topper’. This can add a little extra flavour to your pet's regular diet.

Oh – and the Omega’s are off-the-charts good. Like four times more than you’ll find in another similar treat.

Treats can be ordered individually or in bundles. You’ll find them listed in both the dog and cat shop listings as they are suitable for both.

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