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How To Find Nutritional, Sustainable Pet Food In Australia

When looking for pet food in Australia, have you ever wondered what truly goes into their bowl? At Frontier Pets, we’re peeling back the curtain on pet nutrition. Read along to learn more about how being careful when choosing your pet’s food can significantly impact their wellbeing and how we can offer a holistic approach to your pet’s diet.

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What is pet food made of?

Pet food in Australia encompasses a wide range of ingredients, but the specifics and their proportions can vary depending on the type and brand. Let’s explore these components to better understand what goes into food for pets.

Animal derivatives, or by-products are the primary ingredients in most mass-produced pet food. These are parts of the animal not typically valued for human diets, such as the organ meats, but are extremely nutrient-dense. Other muscle proteins, including chicken and beef, are used extensively in the production of pet foods. Most pet food is typically made by cooking these meat sources and then drying cooked meat, excluding parts like blood, hair, and hooves. The resulting dried ingredient is then added to the pet food mix.

Pet food can also include cereals, grains, and a plethora of vegetables. These ingredients, often in dry form, are ground or milled before being mixed into the final product. Additionally, pet food formulations may include added minerals and fats, helping to make the pet food more digestible and provide more flavour.  

Why choosing the right pet food is essential

Selecting the appropriate pet food is not just a matter of preference but a crucial step towards ensuring your beloved pet’s health and happiness. This is why choosing the right pet food in Australia matters so much:

Nutritional balance for enhanced life quality: Just as we thrive on a balanced diet, so do our pets. A nutritious diet is the cornerstone of a long, joyful life for our pets. Optimal nutrition fortifies their immune system and supports their physical and mental well-being, letting them enjoy life to the fullest.

High-quality ingredients for overall well-being: The saying ‘you are what you eat’ applies to our pets too. Premium pet food made with high-quality, human-grade ingredients may be more beneficial than those loaded with unnecessary fillers. This quality is evident in your pet's lustrous coat, boundless energy, and overall health.

Catering to specific needs: Every pet is unique, with dietary needs that may change from one pet to another. Puppies, for instance, need nutrient-rich food to fuel their growth, while senior pet food focuses on maintaining health in their golden years.

Choosing Frontier Pets for holistic pet nutrition

At Frontier Pets, our approach to pet food in Australia is rooted in a deep commitment to quality and sustainability for all our offerings. Whether it’s puppy food options, dog food formulations, or cat food bundles, every meal is a step towards a happier, healthier pet.

Being AAFCO and NRC compliant, we take pride in offering vet-approved pet food that meets the highest standards. We don’t just offer natural pet food; we also offer human-grade, and organic pet food. We believe in a pet diet free from grains, GMOs, antibiotics, preservatives, and fillers.

At Frontier Pets, we make purchasing pet foods online effortless. Our range includes delicious pet treats and comprehensive meal bundle options, all available at your fingertips. We ship directly to you usually within twenty-four forty-eight hours, anywhere in the country. And with our Top Dog or Top Cat memberships, you can have your pet food delivered directly to your doorstep on a schedule that suits your needs. 

However, pet food in Australia should not only be about feeding your pet well, but also about contributing to a healthier planet. By choosing Frontier Pets, you’re supporting local farmers and sustainable agricultural practices. Our products are 100% Australian-owned, sourced, and manufactured, aligning with our mission to support the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How does Frontier Pets process its pet foods?

We begin with raw, fresh, free-range (for whole of life), and organic whole foods. We don’t add any fillers, grains, or preservatives – just wholesome goodness. These ingredients are then minced and formed into pellets, then freeze-dried. This method retains the food’s nutritional value without the need for cooking or intense processing. 

The result? A nutritionally rich, concentrated product that doesn’t require refrigeration or freezing and is perfect for your pet’s health and your convenience. Just add warm water to the pet food, wait for the product to reconstitute within about twenty seconds, and your pets can enjoy a warm meal with all the nutritional benefits of raw feeding.

How do I choose the right pet food for my pet’s breed in Australia?

Certain breeds may have distinct dietary requirements. For instance, small-breed pets often need more calories per pound due to higher metabolic rates, whereas large breeds may require diets tailored to prevent specific health issues. 

For guidance, consult with your vet. They can help you identify which ingredients you want to include in your pet’s diet. Our Australian-based team at Frontier Pets is always ready to assist when you need assistance on how our ingredients can meet your pet’s specific needs.

Where can I buy specialised diets for pets with allergies in Australia?

It depends on the specific type of allergy your pet may have. Many allergies in pets are linked to grains. If this is the cause of your pet’s allergy, then our gluten-free and grain-free dog food and cat food could be great alternatives. As always, consult with your vet to determine the best diet.

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Frontier Pets: revolutionising pet food in Australia

Frontier Pets, a name synonymous with trust and quality in pet food in Australia, leads with a founder-driven vision. Our commitment is to deliver premium pet food created with a leading vet and animal nutritionist that is 100% sourced from ethical Australian producers. 

We use only the finest, free-range, human-grade ingredients, ensuring a complete, balanced diet. Our locally sourced pet food, backed by glowing reviews and veterinary endorsements, is crafted to nourish your pets and support sustainable farming. Place an order at Frontier Pets today and choose pet food that’s not just good for your furry friend but also animal welfare in general!

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