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How Frontier Pets Is Changing Cat Food For Good

We’re here to let the cat get out of the bag: not all cat food is created equal. Some are heavily processed, filled with preservatives, and contain unnecessary (that aren’t very nutritious) ingredients.

It’s why we’re here to change the game. At Frontier Pets, we only use raw products like free-range meat, offal, fruit, vegetables, and eggs, which we carefully freeze-dry to keep all the nutrients. What’s more, all the ingredients in our natural cat food are 100% ethically sourced.

Get more details and learn how to choose the best food for your feline pets below.

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What’s on the cat menu?

It’s important to know what’s in your cat’s food, including where the ingredients come from and their quality. Frontier Pets uses 100% free-range (for whole of life) protein and organic produce.

With us, you can be sure your pets are getting food low in carbs and high in protein, a particularly important combination for cats with grain allergies. With our wide range of raw food options, you get the assurance that your cat isn’t just fed, but getting enough nourishment.

Plus, our cat dried food and other food for pets undergo strict microbiology tests to ensure safety without needing preservatives. Being AAFCO and NRC compliant, our food is guaranteed to be healthy and balanced, which promotes pets’ health and a safe planet.

Delicious feline food for a cause

Why settle for generic food when you can keep your cats healthy with natural cat food made with ingredients that are sourced using ethical farming practices? At Frontier Pets, all of our pet foods online contribute to our cause of supporting Australian farmers.

Beyond our cause, our pet food offers the following benefits for your beloved cat:

  • Low in carbs. Cats and carbs don’t go well. Our grain-free cat food, aside from being low in carbs, contains sufficient healthy proteins and fats.
  • Made from superior ingredients. The high-quality ingredients that comprise our food options promote brain health and strong muscles.
  • Contains healthy oils. These oils in our pet food products help them maintain a shiny coat.
  • Freeze-dried. This technology preserves nutrients while providing a convenient and mess-free way to feed cats a diet that suits their biological needs.

Easy to prepare. Whenever your cat calls for organic cat food or grain-free cat food, all you need to do is add water to reconstitute the food, and it’s ready to serve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the importance of protein in cat food?

Cats were born carnivores. They eat what their wild ancestors fed on – high protein, some fat, and very little carbohydrates. This is not a preference, but rather a biological need. They need balanced cat nutrition to keep them energetic and healthy.

Among all nutrients, cats need protein the most. It is their main energy source, and it sustains their immune system and overall well-being. Proteins boost a cat’s bodily functions, and they’re responsible for building and repairing tissues and making enzymes and hormones. Plus, they also contain specific amino acids responsible for maintaining your pet’s healthy skin and fur.

When changing your pet’s diet, it’s best to get a veterinarian’s advice to ensure your pet is eating the right type and amount of food for cat.

How do I transition my cat to a new type of cat food?

The switch to healthy cat food won’t happen overnight. First, update your vet about your food plans for your feline friend. Gradually introduce new and healthier foods into their daily diet.

Start by mixing a small amount of the new food with their current food. Through the days, increase the proportion of the new food over the course of a week or two. This slow transition helps prevent digestive upset and allows your cat to adjust to the new taste and texture.

Can cats eat raw food?

Looking up terms like ‘cat food raw’ and wondering about its safety? While a raw diet can mimic a cat’s natural eating habits, there are questions about its safety since improperly handled or prepared raw food can contain harmful bacteria and parasites.

This is something that we have eliminated at Frontier Pets. Our raw pet food is not only nutrition-packed, but you’re also assured of its cleanliness and premium quality. It’s suited for cats with sensitive stomachs, have problems with urinary health, or are under a prescription for weight control. Aside from getting the benefits of a raw diet, it’s also easy to prepare, saving you any hassle.

You just add warm water and wait for a few seconds – that’s it! What’s more, it has a high moisture content, which helps your cat get the proper amount of water they need.

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Frontier Pets: promoting green and environment-friendly paws

Frontier Pets is not just another Australian pet food company. When we say we promote sustainability, we mean it. We deem it a necessity, especially in the pet food industry, and not another buzzword or trend. 

Our company is part of a larger narrative, one that acknowledges that efforts to combat factory farming of animals will have a long-term positive effect on pet food manufacturing. We’re driven by this mission, and by supporting our products, you and your pets are doing your share to push the mission further.

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