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Feed Good, Do Good: Frontier Pets’ Food For Cats

Our pets are like family, and we want to give them the best, especially when it comes to choosing the right food for cat companions. Whether it’s choosing organic food options, or making sustainable pet food choices, we have their wellness in mind. 

Uncover the reasons pet owners prefer Frontier Pets. You’ll also gain valuable insights to help make informed decisions for your beloved pet’s health. Read on!

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Understanding cat nutrition

Cats, just like humans, have varied dietary needs depending on several factors. It’s not merely about age but also factors like breed, activity level, and other lifestyle factors. And, of course, health conditions can sometimes dictate specific diets, such as diabetic cat food, weight loss food, cat treats, or prescription food for cats. 

So, as responsible cat carers, how can we make the best food choices? It begins with understanding. 

Equipping yourself with knowledge about your specific cat’s needs can help you sift through the cat food options that are available.

Essentially, you need to ensure your cat’s diet is the right balance of the major nutrient groups: proteins, fats, dietary fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Benefits of organic and sustainable cat food

When we talk about our feline friends, nutrition is paramount. But did you know that the ‘food for cat’ choices you make can also have an impact on our environment?

Organic and sustainable food for a kitten and adult cat is becoming a popular choice among cat owners, and for all the right reasons.

Healthier for your cat

When searching ‘organic food for cat’ online, the results you get are often crafted with the health of your feline in mind. Feeding biologically appropriate food is likely to extend the life of your pet. What’s more, heavily processed cat food may contain excessive carbohydrates, which can’t easily be digested by our pets and may even lead to major health concerns.

Better for the environment

By choosing food for pets from sustainable producers, such as organically farmed produce and free-range protein, you can actively reduce you and your pet’s carbon footprint. So, each time you opt for sustainable cat food, you’re not just feeding your cat – you’re also feeding a brighter, greener future for our world.

Supports ethical farming practices

Sustainable doesn’t just mean eco-friendly; it also encompasses ‘ethical’. Some sustainable cat food brands take the extra step to support ethical farming, promote better animal welfare, and support sustainable agriculture. This means your cat’s meal is both a nutritious choices and a compassionate one.

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Frontier Pets: the eco-conscious pet owner’s top choice

The choices we make in pet nutrition aren’t just about our pets; they’re about the world we share with them. Enter Frontier Pets, the more ethical choice for every discerning cat owner.

Imagine pet food that takes care of your cat’s health while also making a positive impact on the health of our environment and the welfare of farmed animals. That is what we at Frontier Pets offer! Our food for cat options, as well as our other pet foods online, are 100% Australian-owned, ethically sourced from Aussie farmers, and produced locally at our Australian-based manufacturing facility. Being AAFCO and NRC compliant also ensures a well-balanced diet for your pet that meets the highest standards.

Our ingredients are free-range (for whole of life) and organic, plus we only use raw and natural, human-grade produce. Additionally, Frontier Pets is GMO-free, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, grain-free, and filler-free pet food producer. Our unique freeze-drying technique means our products don’t require refrigeration or freezing. 

We also pride ourselves on offering resources to make pet care easier for you. On our website, we have a specially-designed feeding calculator to help estimate the amount of food your pet requires.  By simply entering your cat’s weight and neutered status, plus a few other details, you can get a quick estimate of how much you should be feeding your cat, how long a bag of cat food is expected to last, and the estimated cost per day.

What’s more, by choosing Frontier Pets, you’re not just feeding your cat – you’re nourishing the earth. Our commitment goes beyond our product, into promoting sustainable farming practices that affect positive change.

Choosing the right kind of food for your cat

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they are ‘obliged’ to eat meat.  You should not feed a cat a diet that doesn’t contain meat protein and fat.

The most biologically appropriate food for a cat is a mouse. However, feeding cats mice each day is not possible for most domestic pet owners. So we at Frontier Pets have done the next best thing by developing recipes that are formulated to replicate, as closely as possible, the nutritional value that your cat would get from eating a mouse.  We do this whilst also only using free-range, ethically sourced Australian ingredients.

For example; The bones that we use in the fish & lamb cat food and the supplement used in the beef cat food best replicates the mouse bones that the cat would eat.

The muscles and meat used provide protein, vitamins and minerals.The free-range eggs used replicates what the cat would get from a mouse’s brain including protein, vitamins and omega 3 acids.

The fish, lamb & beef organs are also used for protein vitamins and minerals.The tripe and veges used in all varieties of cat food replicate the stomach lining and gut content that a cat would find in a mouse.

But the most important thing that cats need in their cat food is water!  Cat’s do not drink enough water and that’s why so many suffer from kidney and UTI problems.  Water is the key to good health for your feline friend.  

The challenge is that cats do not want to drink water, so you have to make it palatable for them.

Frontier Pets food is uniquely freeze-dried and packed for dry storage. When it comes to feeding time, you add water to the food to ‘reconstitute’ the raw ingredients. The natural juices and smells from the food seeps into the water, making it very attractive for cats to eat and drink at the same time.

A greener tomorrow, one bowl at a time

When you make the switch to Frontier Pets, you’re not just choosing any pet food; you’re making a decision that reverberates positively for our environment. With a Frontier Pets membership, you can even enjoy the convenience of having your orders of pet food and cat dried food delivered directly to your doorstep on a schedule that suits your needs.

We’re on an exciting journey, and we’d love for you and your pet to be a part of it. Choose Frontier Pets, and let’s pave the path for a brighter, sustainable future together! 

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