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The Truth About Serving Cat Food Raw

Looking to prepare cat food raw?

In this article, we at Frontier Pets will show you how our freeze-dried cat food can bring the potential benefits of a raw diet without compromising convenience. We’ll also touch on topics like pet food transitions, common misconceptions about raw cat food, and much more.

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Going beyond raw cat food

What you can expect from Frontier Pets

Those who want to serve cat food raw just want to be able to provide their pet with a balanced and nutritional meal. 

With this, you’ll be pleased to know that we at Frontier Pets provide raw, freeze-dried cat food you can serve with ease. Our Australian pet food is even AAFCO and NRC compliant, so you can rest assured that you’re giving your pet a complete diet. 

When it comes to quality, you don’t have to take our word for it since we are among the best-rated pet foods in the country. Plus, with our convenient membership, you can have orders consistently delivered right to your door – all on a schedule that meets your specific needs.

Best of all, our cat food and treats are 100% Australian-made, developed with a holistic vet, and sourced through sustainable farming practices.  

Here at Frontier Pets, we’re dedicated to building a brighter and greener future with environmentally friendly pet food and treat options. Join our growing community today and make a choice that benefits not only your beloved pet but our planet as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What are the benefits of feeding raw cat food?

When getting food for cat nutrition, a lot of pet owners nowadays learn more about raw cat food benefits by looking up terms like ‘raw cat diet’ or perhaps ‘raw feeding cats’ on the web. 

Raw pet food isn’t another popular trend; it’s a return to nature that can help your cat experience benefits like a glossy coat, improved energy levels, and better digestion. 

It could also help with certain food sensitivities should you have picky cats – especially if you’ve chosen natural cat food without unnecessary fillers, preservatives, and additives that could give rise to minor health concerns.

Despite all the benefits, preparing raw food can be messy and time-consuming. To enjoy all the benefits of feeding raw without the hassle, you can try us at Frontier Pets.

We’re proud to have raw, freeze-dried cat food that’s easy to prepare, preservative-free, filler-free, grain-free, antibiotic-free, and GMO-free. Plus, we use free-range meat (for whole of life) and certified organic produce, so you know that your cat is getting nothing but a natural, human-quality option.

How to transition a cat to a raw diet?

A lot of pet owners serve their cat dried food, and when they change from one brand to another, they mix the two types of food and gradually phase out the old one. With this, the same principle applies when trying us out at Frontier Pets and transitioning to raw cat food.

The process of serving our cat food raw is simple. Just prepare your pet’s regular meal, take out a small portion of it, and replace it with our raw, freeze-dried pet food

Just keep in mind that you should mix these two types of food thoroughly so that your cat doesn’t eat one type before the other. Also, note that the portion size you replace will depend on your cat’s overall adaptability to new foods, and a full transition should take a couple of weeks so that your cat can adjust comfortably to raw meals.

In addition to this, if your pet has any special needs or unique health conditions, it’s always a good idea to consult with a local veterinarian before you change any part of their diet.

What are the common misconceptions about feeding cats raw food?

Some pet owners think that serving cat food raw leads to unwelcome begging behaviours and poisoning from bacteria. On top of this, others would also think that it’s difficult to prepare and serve cat food raw. 

However, that’s not necessarily the case. 

A balanced raw meal with raw cat treats generally has lots of meat, and this high-protein diet means that your pet can typically feel full for longer and perhaps even beg less. As for bacteria like Salmonella, know that your cat’s stomach acid generally serves as a natural protectant that kills such pathogens.

Finally, not all raw food for pets requires a lot of time and effort. We at Frontier Pets do the hard work for you by sourcing high-quality and natural ingredients. Then, we mince them, neatly form them into pellets, and have them freeze-dried to take out the moisture while preserving the nutrients. 

Now, when it’s time for you to serve cat food raw, you won’t have to worry about thawing, blending, and mixing. Simply add warm water, and in 20 short seconds, your cat will have a full meal.

Join us today to provide your cat with the benefits of a raw diet without all the fuss.

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Nurturing that doesn’t stop at meals

Aside from our commitment to your pet’s nutritional needs, we at Frontier Pets are also devoted to our common home, the environment. Here, we’ve been supporting Australian farmers with sustainable practices, having already contributed over $7 million in support. 

Remember, you’re not just caring for your beloved pet with us at Frontier Pets; you’re also protecting Mother Earth in the process. 

If you have questions or need assistance, our friendly, Australian-based staff is ready to help. We ship directly to you within twenty-four hours, anywhere in Australia.

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