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Helpful Guide to The Best Food for Dog Health

Research into the best food for dog health proves time and again that their diet is crucial to longevity. When it comes to balanced pet nutrition, it’s important to understand your pet’s needs. Each dog has its own unique needs based on breed, age, and activity level. 

Thus, choosing high-energy dog meals for your dog is an important step towards keeping them healthy. It’s not just about filling your pet’s bowl with food; it’s about fulfilling their nutritional needs!

At Frontier Pets, we don’t just make dog food. Our raw freeze-dried dog food is designed to provide a healthy dog diet, as well as a selection of treats dog owners can choose that are suited for various dietary requirements.

Vet-approved dog food doesn’t have to be heavily processed; each of our packs contains grain-free, natural dog food suitable for everything from weight management to specialised dog diets. Our food speaks the language of love and health.

Tasty, healthy, and eco-friendly – that’s what Frontier Pets promises with every bowl!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best dog food for small breeds?

When it comes to raising dogs, a tailored diet can effectively address the nutritional needs and health concerns of different breeds, and small breeds need big nutrition packed in tiny bites. As well as supporting the dog’s overall health and well-being, the best food for dogs should help prevent breed-specific health issues and enhance their quality of life.

So what’s the best food for your pint-sized dog?

The ideal canine diet for small breeds should be specially formulated to meet their nutritional needs, including more protein and essential nutrients to support their metabolism. Most importantly, their food should be free of additives and fillers, as these provide little to no nutritional value for your pet. 

We recommend foods that tick all the boxes: high protein, no shady preservatives, and the ideal fat-to-protein balance, like Frontier Pets!

Frontier Pets is a feast for your furry friend, perfect for those tiny teeth while providing those big nutritional needs. Our adult and puppy food and treats contain only 100% free-range meat and offal, free-range eggs, organic fruit and vegetables, as well as a few other goodies for your pet to enjoy.

Are there specific dog foods for weight management?

Even pets need some help managing their weight from time to time. If you and your furry buddy are on a journey to a healthy weight, then the secret is in both exercise and pet nutrition. 

With that said, here are some general considerations for the best food for dog weight management:

  • Lower calorie content. If you want to help manage your pet’s weight without compromising essential nutrients, opt for dog foods with reduced calorie counts, such as fewer carbohydrates.
  • High in fibre. In addition to reducing overeating, dietary fibre promotes a feeling of fullness, even for pets. Fibre is also good for pet gut health!
  • Balanced nutrients.  The best food for dog nutrition is balanced with the right amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals suited for their species and breed, whenever possible.
  • No fillers or artificial additives. As much as possible, avoid dog food with unnecessary fillers, artificial flavours, or preservatives that can contribute to weight gain or other health issues.

Additionally, your veterinarian can guide you towards the appropriate prescription dog food for your small-breed dog’s unique dietary requirements.

Frontier Pets dog food is a biologically appropriate raw dog food for pets that comes in the form of freeze-dried dog food pellets. Our pet food is formulated by a leading Australian vet and animal nutritionist and uses ethically-sourced ingredients from Australian farmers practicing sustainable agriculture.

Are there dog foods specifically formulated for active breeds?

Do you have a four-legged athlete at home? Then you may be worried that they’re burning through their calories faster than their food can replenish them. Finding the best food for dog nutrition is not an easy task, especially when there are so many choices available.

Active breeds thrive on diets rich in protein, carbs, and essential nutrients. There is food for pets specifically formulated for active breeds, typically with more proteins and carbohydrates to meet their increased energy demands. If you prefer raw feeding for your pets or avoid processed dog foods, however, putting together a suitable diet may be trickier.

We recommend consulting your vet first regarding the type of diet your furry companion needs; some dogs are better off eating pork or beef proteins, for instance, while others should avoid them. You can then choose from Frontier Pets’ different products which is the best food for dog feeding needs.

Frontier Pets offers dog dry foods for both puppy and adult-stage needs across all breeds. Not only that, but our online Feeding Calculator lets you estimate how much to feed your dog to meet their daily nutritional needs. 

Frontier Pets is 100% Australian-made pet food. Serve up a bowl or two for your little buddy today!

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Nourishing Pets and the Planet: The Frontier Pets Story

Founded and led with a visionary spirit,  Frontier Pets is vet-endorsed and AAFCO- and NRC-compliant, offering a complete and balanced pet diet that’s ethically-sourced and specially formulated to meet your pet’s needs.

As an alternative to dog fresh food, Frontier Pets provides well-rounded meals and puppies treats that are crafted from free-range, high-welfare animal products sourced from Australian farmers who share our passion for sustainable agriculture.

Our holistic approach combines the best in nutrition science with the goodness of raw, human-grade produce, resulting in food that is GMO-free, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, and packed with nutrients your pet needs. And if you join our subscription service, you’ll never run out of the high-quality food your pet loves.

More than just a brand, Frontier Pets is a community that is influencing the pet food industry for the better with the help of veterinarians, ambassadors, and influencers. With every purchase, you’re supporting sustainable farming practices and contributing to creating a healthier planet for future generations.

At Frontier Pets, we believe in goodness beyond the bowl. Join us at Frontier Pets on our journey to provide the best food for dog needs – choose pet food that aims to help you, your pets, and the planet today.

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