No - those wobbly bits on your dog are not cute!

Every day, and I mean, every day... dog owners are asking the question... does my dog look big in their skin?

Weight is not necessarily a guide and it can actually be quite inaccurate.  I have two Bull Terriers for example.  They should weigh (according to the interweb) between 18-23 kilos.

One of mine falls between that guide and the other 25 kilos.

The 25 kilo dog is in PERFECT condition.  Absolutely perfect.

So - weight can be a guide, but a better way to determine whether your pup is too big or too small is to undertake a visual check.

Here is one of the better charts, providing a very clear indication on your dogs ideal body condition.

Some people think that their dog is just fine and 'cuddly' when they're actually at the No7 level.   Other's don't realise that you really do need to be able to see the outline of the ribs and that you can feel them easily.  

Having an overweight dog isn't cute and "just gives you more to love".  It's dangerous and will prevent your pup living the life it deserves.

An underweight pup is of course just as bad, so please make sure your pup fits within an acceptable range.  


If you suspect your dog is underweight while feeding Frontier Pet food then please increase the amount.  The Feeding Guide we have is just that - a guide.  Some dogs will need more (and some less).  Please check your dog regularly.

If you're not sure then contact us, we'll provide feedback for your specific needs.  We can be contacted anytime on