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Feed Good-Pet Food
Frontier Pets food is unique. Really unique. There’s nothing like it in the world.

Our pet food and treats contain only 100% free-range meat and offal, free-range eggs and organic fruit and vegetables. Plus a few other goodies to keep your pet in tip top condition. All purchased from Aussie farmers practicing sustainable agriculture.

100% free range meat

Certified organic produce

Human quality

100% Australian made


100% Australian produce

Created by holistic vet

Best rated pet food in Australia

Feed the benefits

Healthier, longer life

Feeding biologically appropriate food is likely to extend the life of your pet. They’ll also be healthier in the same way that you would be if you ate healthy meals instead of McDonalds.

Healthy Weight

Our pets cannot absorb the excess complex carbohydrates contained in most processed food – some of which have up to 80% carbs. These carbs are converted to sugar, which is converted to fat. Reduce the carbs; fill up with good, highly digestible food and your pet will maintain a healthy

Less irritation and shiny coat

Skin irritations can be caused by heavily processed food that contains excessive carbohydrates. Frontier Pets food contains less than 10% carbs. Shiny coats are a wonderful side benefit.

Energy & Stamina

Frontier Pets food is highly digestible, so that there is more energy available to your pet. There will also be less poos… an added bonus.

Improved digestion

Raw food is biologically appropriate for your pet. Their digestive systems are geared for it. Frontier Pets food gives you all the benefits of a raw diet, without any of the hassle.

Increased water intake

Our pets – especially cats – do not get enough water. Once reconstituted, Frontier Pets food gives water that your pets love. So easy. So delicious.