Our ethical farming contribution so far is $827,878.62

Our Producers

There’s something very special about pulling on a pair of gumboots and mucking it up with pigs and chickens… cows too, when you get used to their size!

That’s what we do here at Frontier Pets. We get up close and personal and we love it.
It’s all about the connection and it offers a constant reminder of why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Our suppliers really are special. They are all dedicated to the animals in their care and the ethical producers they support. We’re delighted to introduce you to them.


Established in 1999, the Gippsland Natural Beef brand is produced by a dedicated group of farmers on the lush pastures of the Gippsland region of Victoria. Gippsland Natural Beef cattle are healthy, well-fed livestock, allowed to roam free and carefully managed to minimise stress. Gippsland Natural Beef is produced with no artificial growth-promoting hormones or prophylactic antibiotics. Beef from this grass-fed system contains elevated concentrations of vitamin A and E and increased levels of omega-3 when compared to intensive feedlot production systems.

"Working with Frontier Pets allows us to make use of the whole animal in a very productive way, whilst also keeping the product and the process totally Australian. That’s a very gratifying and unusual outcome for this industry. The quality of produce we’re supplying to Frontier Pets is up there with the very best of human grade meat. We’re delighted to be involved."  Paul Crock, Gippsland Natural


Located in the cool, temperate grassland plains of Western Victoria, Western Plains pigs are produced completely free of artificial growth agents or stimulants. They live in an outdoor-bred environment within a very clever and sustainable eco-system. The piglets are weaned into special straw-based “eco shelters” which are spacious and offer protection from the elements. The pig site is relocated to fresh land every two years. The old site, enriched with pig manure, is then cropped and allowed to renew itself to its natural balance. This land/crop rotation system helps reduce the incidence of disease and virtually eliminates environmental pollution.

"It’s unusual to get anyone visit our farm to take a first hand look at our animals and our system – let alone a dog food company! We’ve told everyone we’re working with Frontier Pets. We’re proud and honoured to be involved and playing a part in contributing to a better world."  Judy Croagh, Western Plains Pork

FOOD CONNECT: Fruit and Vegetables

Food Connect Brisbane is a social enterprise founded in 2005 by ex-dairy farmer Robert Pekin, who is on a mission to create a fairer food system - and has done just that.  Food Connect ethically and transparently engage local farmers and producers to supply ecological food that is super fresh and is sourced from no more than 400 kilometres away.   Frontier Pets purchase all of their fresh produce from Food Connect including apples, broccoli, sweet potato, spinach, carrots and of course, organic turmeric.

“Frontier Pets is a perfect fit for us.  It enables us to generate another income stream for our farmers and fits with our core values which include sustainability and ethics.  We’re proud to be involved.”  Luke Sbeghen, Procurement Manager


Kinross Farm Free-Range eggs come from healthy, well cared for hens that are provided with nutritious natural feed and are given a minimum 10 hours per day access to the outdoors. Located in the foothills of Victoria’s Great Dividing Range, the Kinross family is committed to the wellbeing of their hens and ensuring that they always deliver the highest quality eggs. The farm has been designed to optimise the welfare of the birds and to give consideration to the environment, ensuring a long term sustainable enterprise. All eggs are provided fresh and pasteurised to Frontier Pets.

"This is a first! We’ve been in business since the 1960’s and have never been asked to supply eggs for dog food – let alone fresh and free-range. We’re looking forward to a long association with Frontier Pets and to building our free-range egg production facility."  Philip Szepe, Kinross Farm

Our producers are key beneficiaries of our vision to end Factory Farming. Find out more about OUR PURPOSE and join our movement to create a better world.