There’s something very special about pulling on a pair of gumboots and mucking it up with pigs and chickens… cows too, when you get used to their size!

That’s what we do here at Frontier Pets. We get up close and personal and we love it.
It’s all about the connection and it offers a constant reminder of why we’re doing what we’re doing.

Our suppliers really are special. They are all dedicated to the animals in their care and the ethical producers they support. We’re delighted to introduce you to them.


OUR COW are true paddock to plate farmers.  All of their cattle are pasture-raised and hormone free, meaning that they produce and deliver the freshest, cleanest and most nutritious product.  There are 50 Australian farmers in the Our Cow network, all of whom meet the criteria of grass fed and free-range.  At Frontier we have just started purchasing product from Our Cow local providers and are super excited to add this fabulous product to our beef range.

MILNE PASTORAL Co: Free-Range, Chicken

Milne AgriGroup is a WA family business producing high quality meat under many leading brand names - all their Free-Range Chicken farms have a very clear set of standards that govern how they care for their birds.  Even as chicks they are free to roam far and wide and do what comes naturally on the free-range pastures.  They forage through grass, explore the play gyms with perching bales and shade themselves under trees and shelters.  All Milne AgriGroup farmed Free-Range chickens are raised in the south-west of Australia – a region well known for its clean environment, pure water and award winning produced.  The birds are treated with the utmost respect at all times by caring farmers and highly trained staff who sign an animal welfare covenant.

ARCADIAN: Free-Range, Organic Pork

Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co. is Australia’s leading supplier of premium quality certified organic and natural meat.  This is Australian family farming at its best.  The company was built by generations of farmers who are passionate about quality and the wellbeing of future generations.   Importantly Arcadian understand that their prosperity is tied to the land and they want to do everything they can to keep the country healthy and productive.  This has led them to look closely at their carbon footprint and how they manage it.

ECO-FARMS: Organic Fruit and Vegetables

Eco-Farms supply Frontier Pets with 100% organic fruit & veg all year round.  Their values meet perfectly with ours:  the best quality products free from synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilisers and without genetically modified organisms.  They say they make the world a better place and we do too.  They are certified with ACO, Australia’s most trusted non-profitable body that has been supporting certified organics since 1987.  They incorporate the most stringent food safety procedures on the planet and constantly undertake quality assurance lab tests to confirm all nutrients present or lacking in their products.

SUNNY QUEEN: Free-Range Eggs

Sunny Queen Farms supply all of our Free-Range eggs.  The ‘girls’ in their farms get 6 times more space that the National Free-Range Standard.  They come from healthy, well cared for hens that are provided with nutritious natural feed and are given a minimum 10 hours per day access to the outdoors. They are provided with logs, perches, dust baths and trees to make their outdoor more fun – and appropriate.  All of their Free-Range Farms are independently audited to the highest standards, so you can be confident that the eggs come from happy, well cared for hens.  All eggs are provided fresh and pasteurised to Frontier Pets.

Our producers are key beneficiaries of our vision to end Factory Farming. Find out more about OUR PURPOSE and join our movement to create a better world.