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Article: Pet Food Reviews Australia gives Frontier Pets 5 Stars

Pet Food Reviews Australia gives Frontier Pets 5 Stars

Pet Food Reviews Australia gives Frontier Pets 5 Stars

This is an exact replica of the food review given by independent pet food review company - Pet Food Reviews:


It’s not often I get excited about new foods, but there are many reasons why I’m excited about Frontier Pets. Firstly the company has ethics! The ingredients are human grade from sustainable and responsible farming, which is a rarity with pet food!

The food is freeze dried, which follows suit from Kiwi brands K9 Natural and Sunday Pets. I’ll briefly cover the benefits of freeze dried foods, but first I’ll let you know that Frontier Pets are Australian!

It’s hard to cover the benefits of freeze drying without some pre-ramble, so here we go – I was chatting to a director of a major pet food manufacturer last year and he quoted “The best diet for a dog is a raw diet, but the worst diet for a dog is the wrong raw diet”. This is very true, as a properly formulated raw diet is hands down the best you can offer your dog. It’s also very hard and inconvenient to do. If you get it wrong you could be missing out on vital nutrients which your dog needs. Feeding your dog human grade chicken breasts and veggies every day may sound flawless, but dogs need the nasty stuff too like offal and tripe (which on a side note stinks).

Okay, let’s talk about nutrients. With a raw diet the nutrients remain intact. With kibble the cooking process reduces those nutrients. These are two ends of the spectrum between “the right diet” and “the convenient diet”. If you feed a raw diet your dog food has a very short shelf life compared to kibble, which means you have storage concerns and you’ll be on first name terms with your butcher. What I love about freeze dried food is the nutrients remain intact while extending the shelf life significantly. It’s a process which reduces the moisture content while leaving everything else in place, and it’s moisture in a food which causes it to go off. All you need to do with this food is add some warm water before feeding – easy.

To summarise, a freeze dried food offers you the benefits of a fresh raw diet with the convenience of a kibble diet. That’s a win win to me.

We’ll take a look at the Free-range Grass fed Beef, but there’s also a pork formula and a really low-fat chicken formula.

The first ingredient is beef, exactly what we expect to see as the main ingredient. The second ingredient is beef offal and tripe. These staple ingredients of a natural canine diet will offer your dog the nutrition they need to maintain excellent health. The guaranteed analysis confirms a significant amount of meat in the food, with a dry matter protein of 43.7% and fat content of 30.2%, with animal fats being a great source of energy and highly digestible for a dog.  We can deduce from the high protein and fat that the food is very low in carbohydrates. That’s fantastic to see, especially with most dry foods on the market being packed to the brim with high-carbohydrate fillers.

We have a range of organic fruits and veggies in the food, including carrots, apple, broccoli, spinach, and kelp. Sweet potatoes are included as one of the best carb ingredients in a pet food as well as a source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre. It’s great to see whole eggs which are loaded with nutrients. Flaxseed is also included as an excellent source of omega fats to boost the immune system, aid joint health, and give your dog a healthy, shiny coat.

The only comparative food is K9 Natural which we rate very highly, and Frontier Pets looks better on many counts. Neither of these brands are cheap compared to kibble, but you’re paying for a true-to-form canine diet of raw meats with the convenience of being freeze dried.

Frontier Pets is a resounding 5 stars and I would happily feed this to my dogs. It’s great to see such as well considered product.

To find out more, visit Pet Reviews Australia at


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