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Article: 5 Top Tips To Make Meal Time Fun

5 Top Tips To Make Meal Time Fun

5 Top Tips To Make Meal Time Fun

Enrichment feeding is a fun way to keep mealtime varied and interesting for your dog. In the same way that raw feeding just makes sense biologically, we know that dogs will also have a natural instinct to hunt, forage, pounce and shake their food as this is what they would have done in the wild to survive. 

Adding a challenge to feeding time can provide mental stimulation which prevents boredom, encourage more exercise, entice dogs who may not be very food motivated and be a great way to slow down a pooch who likes to gulp down their dinner!

Giving your dog an outlet for their natural behaviours while meeting their physical and mental needs has been proven to improve their temperament, reduce problematic behaviours, lower stress levels and increase overall happiness and quality of life. It is a good idea to rotate enrichment activities so they remain interesting and exciting.

They will have a sense of achievement and satisfaction when they get to their reward! It is also a fun and engaging way to strengthen your bond with your furry family member.

Thanks to Winnie the Cattle Dog for providing these fantastic tips – follow the link to see them in action.


Find It! Backyard Search 

Scatter pieces of Frontier around the yard (or hide around the house!) so your dog can sniff and hunt them out. This can keep your dogs’ senses sharp and is perfect for pups who love to follow a trail.

Towel Game

Lay a towel flat and place pieces of Frontier all over it, roll the towel up and let your dog figure out how to get to their dinner. The tighter you roll the towel the longer the game will last. A great game for a rainy day!

Ice Block – Pupsicles!

Freeze some Frontier pellets in water inside an ice cube tray or mould and let your pup work on getting them out. This one would be fantastic on a hot summer day to keep them cool.

Slow Feeder

There are numerous slow feeders on the market, they are a wonderful tool to slow down your dog’s dinnertime and make them work for their meal. Just add Frontier, wet or dry!

Egg Carton Puzzle

Take an empty egg carton, fill it with Frontier pieces and hide them underneath things like old tennis balls and pieces of paper. Your doggo will need to figure out how to get to them, making it an excellent puzzle for mental stimulation.

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I have noticed that my dogs seem to like the food dry. Is it ok for them to eat it unhydrated?

Evelyn Liu

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