Feeding Frontier Pet food is probably quite different to anything you've done before - so we've put together a short video to give you an overview of how easy it is to feed your pup a warm, healthy, fresh meal every single time.














Pregnant bitches typically need up to twice as much food and when lactating up to three times that of an adult dog.


Pups 2-3 months will typically need twice the daily adult requirement (giants up to 4 times as much).  At 3-4 months they need three times as much and by 4-6 months, twice as much as an adult dog of the same weight.  From 7-15 months their needs will slowly reduce toward the typical adult requirement.

The DAILY PORTION needs to be spread into frequent small meals - typically 4 meals for very young pups, reducing to two daily meals by 6 months of age.

See our FEEDING CALCULATOR for typical feeding amounts.

    Reconstituted Food

    Because Frontier Pet Food is reconstituted, it is important that you do not overfeed your dog. You may feel you’re not giving your dog enough food based on the measurements, but these guides are correct.

    Remember that you are not diluting the food when you add the water – you are simply adding it back to reconstitute it to its original form. You are also increasing the end weight considerably – given that water weighs three times more than the dried food.

    Bear in mind also that you are only feeding your dog good stuff (and not sugars, starches and complex carbohydrates) – so they’re more likely to maintain a healthy weight based on these quantities. So please follow the guide.

    NOTE that Frontier is a highly digestible food so more energy is available to your dog.  This means that your dog needs less calories in comparison to a 'standard' food.  Remember to always monitor your dog for signs of obesity or excessive weight loss and adjust accordingly.


    • Use the appropriate sized bowl for your dog so that the dry food can soak up the water. A small amount of food needs a small bowl and so on.
    • Measure the amount of dried food you need using the Feeding Guide.
    • Add very warm water and stir.
    • Let stand for 20-30 seconds. The food will maintain its shape and plump up a little, but not soak up all of the water, so it looks a little like a casserole.
    • Watch your dog lap it up!

    Be patient

    Your dog may find it a little weird to have their food swimming in water and may approach with uncertainty. They will quickly grasp the concept though and actually really enjoy lapping up the water as part of their feeding ritual.

    INTRODUCE Frontier Pet food gradually over a period of 2-3 weeks, increasing the amount of food until you are feeding it 100% of the time.

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