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Winner winner, chicken dinner! Your pooch will be delighted with our grain-free chicken dog food, and you’ll love how easy it is to prepare for them. Because we formulate our freeze-dried chicken dog food to only contain the nutrient-dense food that your dog needs to be their happiest and healthiest, Frontier Pets dog food is ideal for weight management, food allergies, sensitivities and even picky eaters. 

Why you’ll love our freeze-dried chicken dog food

Not only is Frontier Pets grain-free chicken dog food packed with protein and healthy fats and low in carbohydrates, but it’s also a complete food for your pup. We developed our delicious freeze-dried chicken dog food according to expert vet and animal nutritionist advice to support pooches of all ages, sizes and breeds. 

Frontier Pets is committed to creating an ethical product that uses ethical farming practices, organic food, and Aussie farmers. Try the easy to store and nutritious grain-free chicken dog food today and become part of the mission to end factory farming, one bowl of dog food at a time!

Orders are shipped the day after receipt.

Frontier pet food is exactly the same as feeding your dog a hand prepared meat and vegetable meal - warm and fresh every time.

Our Free-Range Chicken variety contains:

  • Free-range chicken.
  • Offal from the same free-range chicken.
  • Bone from the same free-range chicken.
  • Free-range, pasteurised eggs
  • Organic fruit & vegetables
  • Turmeric, Almond Meal, Hempseed meal, Green Lipped Mussel and Seaweed Meal (ascophyllum nodosum)
  • Is low carbohydrate - less than 9%.
  • Is freeze-dried so that the colours, flavours, smells and nutritional content remain intact.
  • Provides a complete balanced food developed in conjunction with an holistic animal nutritionist & vet, with over 30 years experience.
  • Is suitable for all breeds for all life stages - including puppies and pregnant dogs.
  • Is proudly 100% Australian made & owned.
  • Contains only human grade ingredients.
  • Is easily stored as it requires no refrigeration, takes up minimal shelf space and has a super long shelf life.
  • Weighs four times less than traditional dog food, so it's easy to carry and is fabulous for travelling.
  • Is ultra convenient - just add warm water.
  • Is more satisfying with most dogs taking longer to eat it than traditional food.

Most Importantly, your dog will benefit... it will be healthier, have more vitality and will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight.



for vitamins, minerals, fibre and healthy carbohydrates


Sourced locally from Food Connect


known for its exceptional health properties.


for healthy omega oils, vitamins and minerals.


Sourced locally from Food Connect


Even as chicks Milne AgriGroup Free Range chickens are free to roam far and wide and do what comes naturally on the free-range pastures. They forage through grass, explore the play gyms with perching bales and shade themselves under trees and shelters.


1. Measure your meal

Use our Feeding Guide to determine how much you need to feed your pet

2. Add Water

Using warm tap water simply measure the appropriate amount of water for your feed and add into your pet bowl

3. Wait 30 Secs & serve

Wait 30 seconds for the food to absorb the water and soften. Check the temperature and serve

Introducing Frontier Pets to your Dog

It is recommended that you introduce Frontier Pet food over a period of a week.  So, start by adding 20% Frontier Pet food to their normal meal, then increase this every day till it's 100% Frontier Pet food.

This is the main query we get.  Yes our serving sizes are correct.  Remember that you are adding back 75% of the total weight of the product in the form of water.  If you were to take all of the water out of a steak, you'd end up with a very small piece of meat.  It's exactly the same principle.  Please do not overfeed your dog.  Stick to the guides.  If you are still unsure, contact us, we'll talk you through it.

Yes, you definitely should, but you'll find that, even with the full amount, your dog will lose weight to its optimum.  That's because Frontier Pet food is very low in carbohydrates.  It's the added carbs (and sugars) in most commercial foods that add weight to your pup.  Plus our food is high in protein and the right kind of fats, which are what dogs need to burn for energy.

Yes - it has been designed for all breeds, for all life stages.  Puppies need 2.5 times the amount of food that an adult of the same weight eats.  This also needs to be broken down to several meals per day, as follows:

0-6 months old.  Feed Daily Amount across 4 meals per day.

6-12 months old.  Feed Daily Amount across 3 meals per day.

12-18 months old.  Feed Daily Amount across 2 meals per day.

From 18 months - feed as per adult amount.

See the Feeding Guide for exact amounts.

That depends on the type of allergy your dog has.  If your dog has an allergy, it's likely to be to grains or the environment.  If it's environment there's not a lot you can do (except maybe move), but if it's a grain allergy then Frontier Pet food is quite okay for your dog as it is gluten free.

About our Products

It sounds fancy but freeze-drying has actually been around for a while.  Think of your two-minute noodles.  Both the noodles and the tiny peas and carrots are freeze-dried.  Coffee is freeze-dried.  Your camping food is freeze-dried and a lot of the food used in the military and by astronauts is the same.  Simplified, freeze-drying is a process that removes the water from the food.  Given that water is the main ingredient of everything, you end up with a dry product that weights about 4 times less.  The good news is that the nutritional value of the food remains intact - as you've simply just removed the water.  When you add the water back, you are reconstituting the food back to its original form.  That's why your two-minute noodle peas look and taste like peas when you add the water and that's why Frontier Pet food tastes so fabulous to your dog because it's meat and veges!  Clever eh?

Freeze-drying removes the water from the raw product.  Reconstituting it simply means adding the water back in.  It's NOT the same as just adding water to a dry product.  If you added water to dry kibble you wouldn't be reconstituting the kibble, you'd just be making slush.  Frontier Pet food is brought back to its original form by adding the water.  We're just not selling you the water.

Frontier Pet food has a super long shelf life, so many people think it must be full of preservatives.  This is not the case.  Frontier Pet foods and treats contain no preservatives.  They don't need to.  The freeze-drying process extracts all of the water from the food, leaving a very low moisture content.  Also, the 'water activity' level in the food falls below the level where any micro-organism can live.  So it doesn't go 'off'.  Once you've added the water back in of course, that changes things.  Reconstituted food can be kept in the fridge for 3 days.

Absolutely!  Dogs cannot digest complex carbs and that's what you'll find in corn, wheat and other cereal products.  Dogs get their energy from proteins and fats - not from wheat.  Even if you supplement your dogs diet with food scraps from your table (and we all do...) avoid giving them pasta and rice - it's just not that good for them.  Be assured that there's no gluten in our stuff.

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