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Free-Range Lamb & Wild-Caught Fish | Raw Freeze-Dried Cat Food - AdultFree-Range Lamb & Wild-Caught Fish | Raw Freeze-Dried Cat Food - Adult
Cat Food - Adult
Free-Range Lamb & Wild-Caught Fish | Raw Freeze-Dried Cat Food
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Free Range Beef and Lamb and Wild Caught Fish Cat Food 1.2kgFree-Range Beef Cat Food
Cat Food - Adult
SMALL PACK COMBO | Free-Range Beef + Lamb & Fish | Raw Freeze-Dried - Cat
Sale price$60.95
MEDIUM PACK COMBO | Free-Range Beef + Lamb & Fish | Raw Freeze-Dried - CatMEDIUM PACK COMBO | Free-Range Beef + Lamb & Fish | Raw Freeze-Dried - Cat
Cat Food - Adult
MEDIUM PACK COMBO | Free-Range Beef + Lamb & Fish | Raw Freeze-Dried - Cat
Sale price$167.95

Balanced Natural Diets For Cats

Your cat is an obligate carnivore. So, unlike dogs who can tolerate a mix of meat and plant matter, cats need to eat 85% to 98% raw meat, bone, fat and offal and 2% to 15% vegetable and other matter.

A cat cannot, must not, eat a diet that is full of carbohydrates.

Frontier Pets cat food contains less than 9% carbohydrates, compared to processed food which can exceed 50%.

A natural diet for a cat is a mouse. Guts, brains, skin, organs – everything. It’s not practical of course to feed your cat a mouse or three per day. It is also not necessarily convenient to prepare a fully raw diet for your cat every day. Especially when it needs to contain meat, offal, tripe, fish, bones and so on. There is also an art to knowing exactly how much of each ingredient should be used to ensure that it is fully balanced.

Frontier Pets cat food has been developed with Dr Kathy Cornack, one of Australia’s leading animal nutritionists and vets. Dr Cornack has developed the recipe to best mimic the nutritional profile of a mouse: Muscle meat, tripe, internal organs, a small amount of fruit & vegetable, plus flaxseed and sunflower oils. 

Importantly, all of the produce is sourced from farmers practising sustainable agriculture. So the nutritional value of the raw materials is exceptional. 

Freeze-drying the raw material enables you to feed a fresh, raw meal, every single time, without any of the hassles of preparing raw food. It’s the best possible pre-prepared cat food on the market today.  

Frontier Pets cat food is freeze-dried. This is a very clever process that removes all of the water from the raw ingredients, leaving the original calorie and nutritional content completely intact. 

The end result is dry food that can be kept in a warm dry space in your cupboard. And it can be kept there for up to 2 years without any spoilage or need for preservatives. 

When you’re ready to feed your cat, you just add warm water to the dry ingredients and it reconstitutes to its original raw form. It’s clever and it’s nutritionally off-the-charts good! 

Superior nutrition that supports your cat’s urinary system

Frontier Pets food has been developed with a leading vet and animal nutritionist. And we’re not afraid to make a bold claim: Our freeze-dried cat food is absolutely the best pet food on the planet.   

All of our cat food contains ingredients sourced directly from Aussie farmers practicing sustainable agriculture that’s:

  • 100% free-range protein (for whole of life) with the addition of a small amount of fruits, vegetables, Flaxseed and Safflower oil for added Omegas.
  • Antibiotic and GMO-free, the vitamins, minerals, quality of protein and Omega-3 levels are naturally higher in Frontier Pets food.
  • Our grass-fed beef has an average of 2.7 times higher Omega-3 levels. So, important for a cat's overall health and well-being.
  • All fish is wild-caught and contains a mix of Australian salmon and bait fish.
  • The lamb is also free-range for the whole of life.
  • The heavy weighting of meat and offal ensures that your cat is receiving the right amount of meat protein to meet their required carnivorous requirements. 

The results are extraordinary: 

Healthier Life: Elevate your cat’s health by nourishing them with our exceptional freeze-dried food, packed full of over-the-top nutrition that supports dietary and biological requirements. 

Raw Food Simplicity: Embrace the advantages of raw food without any of the hassles of raw food preparation. Frontier Pets cat food takes just 20 seconds to prepare. Simply add warm water to the dry food and see it reconstitute to its original raw form in less than a minute. And watch your cat meow in anticipation while they’re waiting for the water to absorb into the dry food – releasing all of wonderful aromas of raw food. 

Grain-Free Goodness: All of our food and free-range cat treats are made grain-free. This reduces the percentage of complex carbohydrates, ensuring optimum digestion and overall well-being. A hugely important benefit for cats. 

Enhanced Dental Health: Say farewell to bad breath and embrace healthier gums, reducing vet dental visits. 

Shiny Coat and Healthier Skin: Eating healthy food shows. Your cat will have a shinier coat and is likely to have a reduction in skin irritations. 

Boosted Energy and Vitality: Our recipes contain the very best ingredients around, all sourced from Australian farmers practising sustainable agriculture. If you feed the best, your pet will be at their best. 

Stronger Immune System: Natural enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins are enhanced with the quality of the free-range and organic ingredients, creating a stronger immune system. Plus the Omega-3’s in the food are particularly valuable for our feline friends. 

Human-grade Ingredients: Made using human-grade ingredients, our food contains only 100% free-range protein and offal, wild-caught fish, and 100% certified organic fruit and veg. 

Hydration Advantage: Adding water to the dry ingredients releases a tasty broth of meat and blood flavours. Your cat will lap this up with gusto, ensuring that they are receiving much-needed hydration. 

Importantly, every time you purchase a Frontier Pets product, you directly and indirectly support animal welfare. Your dog and cat can literally change the world. 

Free-range cat treats are also available from Frontier Pets, plus a full range of freeze-dried raw cat food.


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