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Article: Maddie Guy is MAD at Pet Food MARKETING

Maddie Guy is MAD at Pet Food MARKETING
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Maddie Guy is MAD at Pet Food MARKETING

Maddie started using Instagram and Tik Tok to document her own research and found a community of people seeking out the same information. 

As a professional marketer Maddie is mad about how manipulative brands can be to sell people the dream. That beautiful chicken breast on the packaging is almost always not what is actually in your pet food. 

In this episode of Frontier Live we unpack:

  • How human food philosophy can extend to your dog bowl
  • Marketers manipulate data, claims and messaging to the cheapest ingredients to make the most amount of money.
  • Why raw food is the best dog food?
  • The need for pet food regulation in Australia & the US 

Two years ago we sent Maddy & Rudder Frontier Pets freeze-dried raw dog food to try this is what they had to say... 

Taste testers on hand Rudder & Tango both try this fabulous food made from 100% human-grade free range meat & organic fruit & vegetables. 

Here is what they had to say...

Rudder spins, sits and inhales the nugget, barely tasting it. Clearly he enjoyed it though!

Tango on the other hand is more of a foodie delicately chewing and savouring the moment!


Find the adventures of Maddie & @myboyrudder on: 

Instagram  or Tik Tok 

Thanks for tuning in. 

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