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Article: Dr. Katrina's 5 Tips To Set Your Puppy Up To Win

Dr. Katrina's 5 Tips To Set Your Puppy Up To Win

Dr. Katrina's 5 Tips To Set Your Puppy Up To Win

Frontier Pets founder Di Scott talks to Dr. Katina Warren about how to set your puppy up to win in the family home.

1. Set your puppy up to win!

A rock-solid plan for your puppy's arrival will set them up to win. Making sure you have a supply of food from your breeder or purchasing the food they've been weened on is a great start.

Do your research on what to feed your puppy we obviously recommend a biologically appropriate raw, free-range, human-grade & organic food to help your pup grow into a strong healthy dog. 

Check out and try the puppy combination pack.

2. Don't let your puppy freedom to wonder the house in their own

You wouldn't let your baby or toddler roam free around the house, the same rule should apply to your dog. Always supervise your dog and use refinement tools like play pens to create a safe space for your puppy to enjoy while they're not under supervision. Refinement will help you with toilet training and preventing bad behaviour like peeing on or chewing up your favourite shoes!

3. Crate training is great for puppies & humans alike

Crate training is a small safe space your puppy can go to take some time out. Fill it with plush toys and treats so it's a really positive and rewarding experience when your puppy is placed in the crate. Even better if treats are lined into the crate and your puppy walks in on its own. 

4. Right socialisation real talk 

Socialisation is not walking up to another dog nose to nose for a play date, or letting your puppy loose in the dog park. Dog parks can be quite dangerous for puppies as a bad experience with another dog can create future fear based reactivity or anxiety.

Instead socialise your dog in a controlled manner by introducing them to everyday sights, sounds, people and animals. The vacuum, hairdryer, the bus, walking past skateboards & bikes, interacting with children or elderly.

Interactions with other dogs, cats, or even cattle if you're out on the land. 

Positive interactions with all the everyday things your dog will interact with throughout its life. 

5. Let your puppy enjoy "me time"

To prevent separation anxiety, give your puppy extended time outs throughout the day. Make sure they are in a safe space where they can learn to entertain themselves when no one is home.

Puppy 900g Freeze-Dried Dog Food - Starter Pack

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