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Pet-Friendly Happiness: How to Choose Treats For A Puppy

When it comes to treats for a puppy, the stakes are high, and the choices are plenty. Each dog has unique needs and preferences and may be susceptible to common sources of puppy allergies and tummy troubles.

That’s why many recommend wholesome and organic pet treats that are gentle on their developing systems.

At Frontier Pets, we understand that puppy treats are part of the building blocks they need for a lifetime of health and happiness. We’re committed to offering pets a balanced diet that provides each pet with the nutrients they need. From dog food dried through freezing to organic alternatives to dog biscuits, each Frontier Pets pack is full of natural, raw food that delivers great nutritional value.

With every bite, your dog experiences healthy, tasty, and eco-friendly pet food that can also change the world. Now that’s goodness beyond the food bowl!

All-Natural Raw Treats for Dogs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many treats can a puppy have in a day?

Moderation is key when it comes to puppy training treats. Treats for a puppy should be just a small part (about 5% to 10%) of their daily diet. Puppies are little balls of energy, but they also have tiny tummies, so it’s important not to overdo it.

The rest of their diet should be well-balanced, nutritious puppy food. Puppies have different needs based on their size, age, and breed, so what’s right for one puppy might be too much or too little for another. We recommend checking with your vet for specific recommendations for your dog, especially if they need certain nutrients to ensure healthy growth.

Treats for a puppy are great for training and bonding, but moderation is key to keeping your furry friend healthy and happy. Frontier Pets’ dog food and treats are designed to be small and nutritious, ideal for rewarding good behaviours without feeling guilty about overfeeding.

Made with 100% free-range meat and offal, each Frontier Pets key ingredient is ethically-sourced from Australian farmers practising sustainable agriculture.

How to choose the right size treats for a puppy?

Choosing the right size of treats for a puppy is important. You want to match the treat size with your puppy’s size, making sure they can chew and swallow the treats easily without any risk of choking.

Think about what they can handle comfortably. For teething puppies, for example, softer treats are a good pick as they’re gentler on their gums. As your puppy grows, you can adjust the treat size accordingly.

Are there specific treats for teething puppies?

The teething phase – it’s a rite of passage for our furry friends. During this time, puppies need something soft yet engaging to soothe their gums, and organic puppy treats are a fun way to meet this need. 

Dental treats for a puppy are typically softer and more pliable, easing sore gums during teething while also being enjoyable for a puppy to chew on. These soft puppy treats are also typically formulated to be nutritious, so they’re good for your puppy’s health and development.

Along with chew toys, these treats can also help relieve teething discomfort, so it’s important to choose treats that are right for the puppy’s age and breed. However, while there are many pet food options and breath freshener treats designed specifically for teething, not all of them can be considered natural dog snacks. 

That’s where Frontier Pets comes in, with our healthy, human-grade dog treats that are gluten-free, all-natural, and non-GMO. 

Every dog is different, so it’s a good idea to observe how your puppy interacts with different toys and treats and make sure they’re not biting off more than they can chew. You can sample Frontier Pets dog treats and freeze-dried food for a puppy with a one-time purchase or keep your puppy happy and healthy every month with a food pack delivery subscription.

Feed good, Do good. Unlock 10% off your first order.

Feed good and do good with Frontier Pets

At Frontier Pets, we’re more than just a pet food brand; we’re dedicated to your pet’s health and the environment.

We believe that pets deserve the best that we can give them. That’s why every product we offer, from dog treats to cat dry food varieties, is crafted with the highest standards in mind. We’re leading the way in providing pet food that is not just good for your furry friends but also for the environment, and we have the AAFCO and NRC compliance to prove it.

A 2.5kg bag of Frontier Pets delivers 10kg of nutrient-rich food to your pet. Just by adding water, you can transform one serving into a fresh meal that your pet will enjoy with every bite. Ethically-sourced and 100% Australian-made, each Frontier Pets pack contains GMO-free, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, grain-free, and filler-free pet food developed by qualified nutritionists and veterinarians. 

Many Australian pet owners are turning to feeding cat food or dog food raw, and our mission is to provide you with options for healthy and organic raw feeding that’s also convenient and easy to prepare. 

At Frontier Pets, we also encourage measuring your pet’s meals and treats according to their age, size, and breed. For an easy and quick estimate of how much natural dog food to feed your pet each day, you can use our Feeding Calculator or chat with our friendly, Australian-based staff for any questions or assistance.

So come and join us on this journey to feed good and do good. Together with the rest of the Frontier Pets community, let’s create a better world, one bowl at a time.


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