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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Food For A Puppy

Choosing food for a puppy is an important moment in shaping their future. But with so many options available, how do you ensure you’re giving your new pet only the best?

At Frontier Pets, we understand the profound impact a nutritious diet has on your puppy’s growth and well-being. This article unveils the essentials of puppy nutrition, from the power of raw ingredients to the art of proper feeding. Read along to learn more.

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Nurturing your puppy’s future with the right diet

Feeding your puppy the right pet food is a commitment to their long-term well-being, and balanced puppy nutrition is non-negotiable from the get-go.

Pup growth is no small feat; it demands a diet rich in essential nutrients. A nutritious dog diet ensures your puppy’s bones and teeth are as strong as their curiosity, empowering them to play, learn, and grow.

Puppy formulas are packed with more energy than adult dog food. Transitioning to adult food prematurely could steer them towards obesity. Stick to giving them a balanced puppy diet, and you’re setting them up for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Moreover, weaning marks your puppy’s first stride towards independence. At around four weeks, they transition from mother’s milk to solid sustenance. The right puppy food during this period plays a leading role in nurturing their young, sensitive tummies.

Should I consider a raw food diet for my puppy?

When picking the best ingredients for food for a puppy or shopping for pet food in Australia, you may find yourself pondering if a raw food diet is an ideal choice. 

Including raw ingredients in food for a puppy or treats for a puppy is a path brimming with benefits, and at Frontier Pets, we’re here to guide you through it. 

Our puppy food options, as well as our adult dog food, cat food, and pet treats, are crafted with raw, natural, human-grade produce. It’s a clean, wholesome approach – GMO-free, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, grain-free, and filler-free. All ingredients are free-range (for whole of life) and organic, providing a nourishing start to puppy care. 

Feeding your puppy with raw, natural dog food mirrors the benefits you’d reap from a wholesome diet over fast food. It’s about fuelling their life’s journey with the best there is. Unlike overly processed pet foods laden with complex carbohydrates that can’t easily be digested and may even lead to major health concerns, our food champions digestibility. 

Reducing carb intake and enriching diets with good, digestible food helps maintain a healthy weight for your puppy. Moreover, a diet low in carbs promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin, making your puppy not just feel good but also look amazing.

A puppy meal enriched with natural and raw ingredients can also significantly improve their dental health, which is especially important during their teething phase. Finally, a diet high in digestibility means more energy for play and growth. 

At Frontier Pets, we make accessing sustainable pet foods made from raw and natural produce streamlined. And with our ‘Top Dog’ or ‘Top Cats’ Membership program, you can enjoy the convenience of having your puppy food delivered directly to your address on a schedule that suits your needs. We ship directly to you usually within forty-eight hours, anywhere in Australia.

With every purchase, you also support sustainable farming practices that affect positive change. Should you require any help or have enquiries, our approachable staff, based in Australia, are at your service.

Frontier Pet’s puppy feeding guide

Setting your puppy on the path to a healthy life starts with understanding the best way to feed them. Here are a few puppy-feeding tips to help:

  • Establish a regular feeding schedule: Typically, puppies require feeding three to four times a day. However, consistency is key. Sticking to a regulated schedule helps maintain their digestive health and instill a sense of routine.
  • Create a feeding haven: A designated spot teaches your pup where their meals happen. This spot becomes their go-to for munching, steering them away from table begging.
  • Timed dining: Give your puppy a set time to finish their meal, like 20 minutes. It teaches them to value mealtime and helps regulate their eating pace.
  • Say no to scraps: Table scraps are a no-go. These can lead to picky eaters and unhealthy habits. Stick to food for a puppy, and you’re on the right track.
  • Bowl basics: The bowl you choose can make a huge difference. It should be just the right size and height for your puppy. For enthusiastic eaters, there are special bowls to slow them down.
  • Mealtime is training time: Use mealtimes for basic command training like ‘sit’ and ‘stay’. Reward their obedience with access to their food to integrate discipline and patience into their daily routine.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Are there supplements I should consider for my puppy’s diet?

Considering adding supplements to food for a puppy is a thoughtful approach to boosting their health, but it’s crucial to tread carefully. Always consult a veterinarian before introducing any supplements. Their expertise ensures your pup gets the right boost without risking any health issues.

How do I calculate the right portion size for my puppy?

Our user-friendly Feeding Calculator on this website simplifies this task. Input your puppy’s breed, age, weight, activity level, and whether they’re desexed, and you’ll have a daily feeding guide at your fingertips. 

This will provide you with the ideal portion size based on three feeding options to cater to various needs. And for those occasions when you’re not using our pet food exclusively, we’ll also provide additional recipes and dietary tips.

How do I prepare Frontier Pet’s dog food for my puppy?

When it comes to preparing our premium dog food, convenience and quality are our watchwords. Here’s how to prepare it: measure the required amount of dry food using our Daily Feeding Guide. Add an equal amount of water to the dry food, let it stand for 30 seconds to allow the dry food to absorb most of the water, and then serve it up to your puppy.

Our products require no refrigeration, making puppy meal plans a breeze.

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Frontier Pets: providing goodness beyond the bowl

Frontier Pets offers more than just pet foods online. We’re committed to uncompromising quality in our pet foods and beyond. Being AAFCO and NRC compliant, we guarantee a complete and balanced diet. Our products, formulated by expert nutritionists and endorsed by vets, are 100% Australian, supporting sustainable farming. 

Choose pet food that is good for your pet and the planet today!

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