It’s vital that you follow instructions for feeding Puppies.

They grow very quickly and need more food (and more nutrients) during the first 12 months.

Pups 1-4 months will typically need twice the daily adult requirement (giants up to 4 times as much).  At 5-12 months they need three times.  From 12 months their needs will reduce toward the typical adult requirement.

The DAILY PORTION needs to be spread into frequent small meals - typically 4 meals for very young pups, reducing to two daily meals by 6 months of age.

See our feeding guide for typical feeding amounts.

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It's so important to train your puppy, otherwise you're going to end up with a very naughty dog. And no-one wants that!

We have teamed up with leading animal trainer, Heidi Mackay, to bring you a series of short, easy tips to help you train your puppy. They are so straight-forward and easy to follow. They are broken up into sections and videos, so you can start with one Episode and then work you way up to all 5.

EPISODE ONE: How to use Bridging words, the sit command and release word.

EPISODE TWO: Teaching your puppy to Stay and using Recall.

EPISODE THREE: How to socialise your puppy and introducing it to other dogs for the first time.

EPISODE FOUR: The importance of exercise and walking on a lead.

EPISODE FIVE: How to crate train and feeding your puppy.