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Article: How is the pet food industry regulated in Australia?

How is the pet food industry regulated in Australia?
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How is the pet food industry regulated in Australia?

Here in Australia, the multi billion dollar pet food industry is self regulated, in other words, there is no governing body overseeing the activities of pet food manufacturers. Leaving the health of your dogs in the hands of big business, who often have more invested interest in monetary gain than the relationship that you share with your pet. With dogs taking up residence in 60% of Australian households, We just don't think that's good enough!  

As a dog food manufacturer you have an option to self-regulate and follow AAFCO compliance.  AAFCO establishes the nutritional standards for complete and balanced pet foods, and it is the pet food company's responsibility to formulate their products according to the appropriate AAFCO standard. Companies who are not self-regulating are still allowed to trade. 

After the recent tragic death of 24 dogs and another 44 dogs left unwell, linked to a Melbourne knackery providing 'dog meat' with traces of horse and camel from the Northern Territory. Toxicology reports show the meat contained indospicine, a plant toxin that has a traumatic effect on the livers of dogs. We believe the unregulated pet food industry urgently needs a shake-up! 

Until the pet food industry gets the shakeup it needs and becomes regulated, it’s up to consumers to demand transparency from their pet food suppliers. Frontier founder, Di Scott is building a culture of transparency within her dog food factory. Di's primary focus is on the health of your pets, all dog food undergoes regular AAFCO nutritional testing, with all ingredients traceable right back to the farm. Everything that goes into Frontier dog food is human grade, to ensure the highest quality product with minimal risk. Additionally, Di is always available to answer consumer questions and sticks to her motto - Nothing to hide! 

In last night’s episode of Frontier Live, the topic was transparency so Di opened the questions to the audience. No topics were off limits. If you missed it or would like to watch again, you can catch up below. 

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