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Article: Clean + Conscious Dog Food

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Clean + Conscious Dog Food

Here at Frontier Pets, it's not just about making really great dog food. We're a company with a conscious and we are doing everything we can to create ethical products for a better world! 

Can you imagine a world without factory farming? where all animals, even those used for food can live in a healthy stress free environment? 

Factory Farming is appalling and totally unnecessary, not only is it unfathomably cruel but factory farming is killing our natural environment, many native species are becoming extinct and it is a leading contributor to global warming. Its got to stop! 

Frontier Pets founder Di Scott, has created the best dog food on the planet, its raw, free-range and as convenient as kibble, without all the nasties. Di is leading the charge to generate transparency in the Pet Food industry, claiming that if you knew what went into commercial dog food, there is no way you would feed it to your dog! 

Frontier dog food is a favourite among many Australian dog owners and has now gained recognition in the Clean + Conscious Awards 2021, being nominated for two awards. 

  • Free Range Pork Dog Food 
  • Free Range Chicken Dog Food 

"The Clean + Conscious Awards celebrate exceptional products that work in perfect harmony with our bodies, our environment and our society. Now running in their third year, the Awards celebrate products that are safe, ethical, sustainable and socially responsible

All finalist products have been scientifically-researched and are verified to be non-toxic, as well as sustainable, ethical and responsible." 

To learn more about the Clean + Conscious awards, you can jump over to their website - CLICK HERE 

To learn more about the Frontier journey and what drives Di to create the best dog food on the planet, watch the video below.. 



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