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"When you consider all of the unconditional love, affection and joy our pets give us, the very least we can do in return is to feed them properly."

Make the Switch to Frontier Pets and Transform Your Pet's Life!

Just like us, our pets thrive when they eat the right food. Feeding heavily processed food is the equivalent of eating McDonalds every day – it’s just not healthy.

Frontier Pets food provides your pet with a biologically appropriate diet – and that’s RAW – without any of the hassle.

You'll notice the difference within days.

Why Choose Frontier Pets?

At Frontier Pets, we developed our food with a leading vet and animal nutritionist. And we’re not afraid to make a bold claim: our freeze-dried food is absolutely the best pet food on the planet for cats and dogs. This claim isn't made lightly; it's rooted in a commitment to delivering unparalleled benefits for your pet:

  • Healthier Life: Elevate your pet's health by nourishing them with our exceptional freeze-dried food, packed full of over-the-top nutrition that supports dietary and biological requirements.
  • Raw Food Simplicity: Embrace the advantages of raw food without the hassle. Our meals are incredibly easy to prepare. It takes just 20 seconds to prepare a warm, fresh, meal – every single time.
  • Grain-Free Goodness: Our recipes are meticulously crafted to reduce the percentage of complex carbohydrates, ensuring optimal digestion and overall well-being.
  • Enhanced Dental Health: Say farewell to bad breath and embrace healthier gums, reducing vet dental visits.
  • Shiny Coat and Healthier Skin: Eating healthy food shows. You’ll notice a shinier coat and perhaps a reduction in skin irritations.
  • Boosted Energy and Vitality: Our recipes contain top-tier proteins and nutrients, fueling your pet with increased energy whilst also reducing manic behaviour.
  • Stronger Immune System: Natural enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins join forces, bolstering your pet's immune defenses.
  • Human-Grade Ingredients: Crafted from human-grade components, our food contains only 100% free-range protein and eggs, and 100% certified organic fruit and veg.
  • Hydration Advantage: Unlike dry kibble, our cat food boasts high moisture content, ensuring your cat remains hydrated throughout the day.
Unleash the Power of Frontier Pets

When you choose Frontier Pets, you're opting for a transformation in your pet's quality of life.

Elevate their vitality, elevate their well-being – make the switch today!

The Benefits of Freeze-Drying

Freeze-drying is a clever process that even NASA uses!

Here's how Frontier Pets food is processed:

Raw ingredients including meat, offal, fruit, veg and eggs are combined and formed into pellets.  These pellets are then frozen. The freeze-drying process extracts the water – and nothing but the water - leaving behind an incredibly light and dry product that retains its original raw nature.

All the nutritional content remains fully intact throughout this process. This food boasts exceptional shelf-stability due to its lack of water content, preventing it from spoiling. Its delightful and fresh aroma is preserved.

Conveniently stored in your cupboard, when it's time to feed your pet, you simply add warm water to the dry pellets, releasing a wonderful aroma. As the dry pellets absorb the water, they create a savory broth that dogs and cats adore. After a brief 20-second wait, the meal is ready to be served. It’s that simple!

Warm feeding is best

Every single pet food imaginable is fed cold. And that sucks!

There’s nothing more comforting than a warm meal. And there’s a reason for this. A warm meal is best for digestion, so it gives you that contented feeling.

Our pets feel the same. Remember that back in the day (not that far back really) they ate the prey that they had just killed. It would have been warm.

Think how you would feel if you were fed something that had just come out of the fridge or some dry cold biscuit. It would be pretty unappealing.

Doesn’t make any sense does it?

Frontier Pets food is the ONLY pre-prepared food that is served warm, bringing out the flavours and smells of a raw meal, but with none of the pain of preparation.

But feeding them well can be just part of the story.

What if your pets could change the world?

Our pets are the second largest consumers of intensively farmed produce on the planet. That’s huge! We’re talking hundreds of millions of kilos of product sourced from animals living in misery.

So unfortunately, unbeknownst to most of us, our pets could actually be contributing to an environmental and animal welfare catastrophe. Oh yes, the alternative is crap as well.

Now you can vote for a better world with your wallet. And in this case, feed your pets “off-the-charts” nutritionally good food.

And they can be eco-warriors too!

Now that’s goodness beyond the bowl.


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