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100% Natural, Freeze-Dried Raw.

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Feeding the Future: How Frontier Pets Is Crafting Healthier Pet Food

Worried about your pet food not being nutritious enough for your furry friend? Ensure your pet’s well-being with Frontier Pets. Our specially made pet food is crafted with care, using responsibly sourced ingredients with a focus on pet nutrition and a commitment to sustainability. 

Get ready to discover how our all-natural, freeze-dried raw pet food not only caters to your pet’s nutritional needs but also promotes environmental responsibility. With Frontier Pets, every dog’s meal and cat’s meal can be a step towards a healthier pet and a greener earth.

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Unique Features of Frontier Pets’ Food

Nutritional Powerhouse

Biologically appropriate and packed with nutrients, our all-natural pet food is made to mirror your pet’s natural ancestral diet, so they can get the proper amount of energy and balanced nutrition they need without unnecessary fillers or additives. 

Maintaining a healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and essential nutrients keeps your pets in top condition, promoting healthy weight and reducing health risks associated with excess weight.

We’re 100% committed to providing safe and complete pet nutrition, and being AAFCO and NRC compliant is your guarantee of our commitment.

Preserving Nature’s Best

To give your pets all the benefits of raw feeding and the convenience of dry food,  we harness the innovative power of freeze-drying. Our freeze-dried raw pet food is a game-changer, locking in the nutritional integrity of our ingredients and producing a complete balanced meal that doesn’t require refrigeration or freezing.

When feeding time comes, it only takes a few moments to reconstitute our food with some warm water, and voilà – you get a delicious bowl of fresh, natural goodness for your pet. Plus, our re-sealable pouches make storage a breeze and mealtime hassle-free.

Ethically-Sourced Ingredients

Our recipe for holistic pet nutrition begins with the purity of ingredients. We source 100% free-range meat, offal, eggs, and organic produce straight from sustainable local farmers. It’s our way of ensuring that your pet’s meal is not only nutritionally sound but also good for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can I mix different brands of pet food for variety?

Mixing different brands of pet food can introduce variety into your pet’s diet, but it’s crucial to do it right. Stick to combining foods intended for the same species and life stage. For instance, avoid mixing dog food with cat food or puppy and adult dog food. At Frontier Pets, we offer dog food, cat food, and treats that are suitable for both.

When transitioning to Frontier Pet food, we recommend a gradual shift over the course of a week. Start with 20% Frontier Pet food mixed into their regular meal, increasing the proportion daily until it’s 100% Frontier Pet food. This method ensures a smooth dietary transition for your beloved pet.

For pets with special dietary needs, consulting your vet is a smart move before mixing different brands.

What are the benefits of raw food diets for pets?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) includes uncooked animal-based ingredients like muscle, organs, and bones. Pet owners who choose dog food raw and cat food raw diets often report significant health improvements in their pets. These include a healthier body condition, increased energy, a shinier coat, cleaner teeth, and better-regulated bowel movements.

The reason behind the transition to raw diets is the idea that they align with the ancestral diet of pets, making them a natural choice for those looking to nourish their pets in a way that mirrors their evolutionary dietary needs.

Are grain-free pet foods healthier for dogs and cats?

Grain-free vs. high-fibre pet food is a subject of much discussion. Grain-free diets exclude traditional grains like wheat, corn, and rice, making them a great choice for pets with allergies or sensitivities. 

Our grain-free Australian pet food has no fillers or additive ingredients, ensuring your pet receives nutrition that’s both substantial and beneficial. We focus on quality, not quantity, providing your pet with the right kind of nutrition for a healthy, happy life.

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Frontier Pets: Nurturing Pets and the Planet

At Frontier Pets, our mission is to create a better world through every bowl of cat, dog, and puppy food we offer. 

We understand the emotional connection between people and their pets at feeding time, and our holistic approach combines the best of nutritional science and pet wellbeing. Our food, formulated by a qualified animal nutritionist and vet, is raw, natural, human-grade, and free from GMOs, antibiotics, preservatives, grains, and fillers.

We don’t just offer pet foods online; we’re a pet food pioneer who’s reshaping the landscape of pet nutrition and environmental responsibility in Australia. Plus, we pride ourselves on prompt shipping, delivering directly to you. Join us in our pursuit of feeding good and doing good and order your pet food delivery today.

If you have questions or need assistance, our friendly, Australian-based staff is ready to help. We ship directly to you within twenty-four hours anywhere in Australia.

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