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Feeding Puppy Raw

Raw Feeding Made Easy

Premium Free-Range Proteins

Naturally Nutritious Complete Diet

100% Australian Made

Feeding Puppy Raw

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What is in Frontier Pets Food Puppy Recipe?

Frontier Pets Freeze-Dried Raw Puppy Food is a complete and nutritious meal packed with the goodness your growing pup needs to thrive. We use only the finest ingredients, ensuring your beloved pet gets the best possible start in life.

For an extra boost of joint health and mobility, we've included Green Lipped Mussel, a key ingredient found only in our puppy food.

Why our customer chooses Frontier Pets puppy food

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"Sassy is 9 months old and has never really been interested in kibble. It’s been a struggle to find food she’ll eat, but she gobbles up her Frontier Pet Food! I used to have to convince her to eat meals (and her big sister usually finished them off!). With Frontier, she eagerly awaits her food, chooses her flavour, and licks the bowl clean every time!" - Suzy M.

"Tilly is now five months of age, and since she's been with us, we have fed her Frontier Pets Puppy. She loves all three flavours. I like the fact that it doesn't smell and is so easy to prepare and doesn't have to be stored in the freezer. Ready to take take out of the pantry, pour the warm water in and presto it's done in 30 seconds. And it's been eaten in about 16 seconds!" - Jennifer P.

"This review is a real story. My pug puppy stop eating due to reasons unknown in a last attempt before vet was going to put her on a drip i came across Frontier food so in desperation i gave it ago, and to your surprise she began to eat a little two weeks on she is now doing so much better and licking her plate clean she has now put on weight and very happy and healthy. Thanks so much Frontier for saving my puppy Zoe." - Sandra R.

"My extremely fussy Cavoodle was so very difficult to please. Feed times were so very frustrating, with her refusing to eat most foods I served her, (I tried many, many different brands), then I purchased Frontier Pets freeze dried varieties, feed times are now pleasurable with her eating her meals probably 90-95% of the time. (Still has some fussy moments), but she devours this food almost without hesitation. We recommend this Brand. Thank you so much." - Suzanne K.

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