Our ethical farming contribution so far is $928,433.96

Our Purpose

Our VISION is to end Factory Farming

And we’re going to do this in the most unexpected way.

Eventually we’ll return to low-impact and organic farming – creating a better world as a result.

Factory Farming is the biggest cause of animal suffering on the planet… and the most damaging:

Also known as Industrial Agriculture or Intensive Farming, Factory Farming is characterised by the use of close confinement systems, overcrowded sheds or barren outdoor feedlots. These animals are fed concentrated, inappropriate feed, and are prone to painful production-related diseases. More land is used to support Factory Farmed animals than Free-Range and for every 100 calories of edible crops to feed livestock, we get back just 30 calories in the form of meat and milk. It’s inefficient, it’s destructive, it’s unnecessary and it’s unbelievably cruel.


To produce 1 kilo of genuinely edible beef by industrial methods requires as much as 20 kilos of feed.  If you factor in externalities (such as the cost of converting grain to meat, water and energy use) the true cost of a $4 hamburger is something like $100.

As production costs rise because of energy prices and pressure on other resources, the profit margin of Factory Farmed animals falls.  The only way to keep making money is to rear more animals.  And so these farms expand and expand, multiplying the suffering, waster and environmental damage they cause.


Statistics quoted on this page are sourced from Farmageddon by Philip Lymbery, CEO, Compassion in World Farming, with Isabel Oakeshott. Published by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc and reprinted with permission.

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