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Dr Kathy Cornack

DR. KATHY CORNACK - A video series breaking down all the important questions

Our resident holistic vet and animal nutritionist who has meticulously designed our pet food recipes.  Kathy is a veterinarian who is absolutely passionate about natural health for animals and also about supporting the human-animal bond. Dr Cornack's professional qualifications include: BVSc (hons), MANZCVS (Veterinary Behaviour), M.Agr. Sc (Animal Nutrition), Cert. Vet. acupuncture (IVAS). 

Why Dr Kathy Cornack Chooses Frontier Pets 

What's Biologically Appropriate Food For Your Dog?

What You Should Be Feeding Your Dog

Frontier Pets, A Biologically Appropriate Food For Your Dog

How To Help Protect Your Dogs Teeth And Dental Health

Tips From Dr Kathy Cornack On How To Improve Your Dogs Skin

Quick Tips To Help Your Dog When They Have An Upset Stomach

Breaking Down The Myth Of Food Allergies In Dogs

Tips On Fussy Dogs And Why You Shouldn't Worry If They Skip A Meal

How To Help With Resource Guarding In Dogs

Have A New Puppy? How To Transition Their Puppy Food Explained

How To Transition Your Dog Onto Eating Frontier Pets

Tricks To Help Make Dinner Time More Appealing For Your Dog

3 Ideas To Take Feeding Your Dog To The Next Level


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