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Article: The Best Family Dog Breeds

Most popular family dogs of 2022

The Best Family Dog Breeds

Choosing a dog for your family is a very exciting time but before running out and buying your next puppy for its cute appeal, it’s a good idea to think carefully about how your new puppy will fit into your home environment long term.

There are 250,000 unwanted dogs euthanised annually after being given up by their owners due to unsuitability to their human’s home and lifestyle. Instead of adding to this heart-breaking statistic, take your time and be realistic about the dog breed you choose.

Consider your family dynamic

If you have young kids in the home, its likely you are time poor and your kids are going to poke, prod and pull on your puppy, so a patient dog breed is a must. If you have limited mobility, a breed who requires little exercise would be ideal.  Large dogs in small spaces are never a good idea, not only does your dog need space to run and play but their big wagging tail is likely to knock over breakables, that’s if they don’t knock you over first.

If you have young kids in the home, convenience and quick meal options for your pets can become crucial which saves you time. Opting for easy-to-prepare meals or pet treats can ensure that your pets stay well-fed amidst the chaos. Freeze-dried dog food can be a great option here, as it retains most of the nutrients while being lightweight and easy to store. Plus, it requires minimal preparation, making it perfect for busy families.

Consider your lifestyle

Your dog will need to fit in with your lifestyle. Dog breeds requiring high physical activity are well suited to those with an active lifestyle, however, if you are a family who prefer to spend your weekends indoors, a lazy lap dog who loves to snuggle will be a great fit.

Before bringing home your new puppy, ask yourself if you have the time to commit to training and giving them the love and attention, they need. If not, perhaps an older dog who is already trained may be a better fit.

Here are some great choices for family dogs in Australia, though keep in mind there are many wonderful breeds out there!

Most popular family dog breeds 2022


There’s no doubt about it, the Cavoodle (Poodle X Cavalier King Charles) is a popular choice amongst Australian households due to their hyper-allergenic, non-shedding coat. These high energy puppies are great with kids, easy to train due to their eagerness to please and being so small they burn off lots of energy bouncing around the house. Early socialisation and training are a must to prevent excessive barking and get them used to outdoor noises.

Most popular dog breeds 2022


These adaptable little dogs have low energy levels making them an ideal companion for those who are mobility challenged or are looking for a lap dog to snuggle up for a movie marathon. Don’t be fooled, these guys are as intelligent as they are spunky and like any dog will need regular activity to keep them stimulated and bad behaviours at bay. The Maltese dog is an ideal fit for apartment style living. Their long coats require daily brushing. 

Most popular family dogs 2022


A family favourite and for good reason. Smart, gentle and easy to train, Labradors are often used as assistance, therapy and police dogs. Patient and gentle, Labradors are excellent family dogs, love to be surrounded by their people and are a safe option amongst kids. Labradors love to eat so a strict diet should be maintained and a minimum of 40 minutes exercise a day is essential to prevent them from becoming obese.   

Golden Retriever

The loveable face says it all. Golden Retrievers are happy, trustworthy dogs and will easily forgive inexperienced owners for any mistakes made, making them a great option for first time dog owners. These playful puppies remain enthusiastic for many years so early obedience training is essential. Golden Retrievers have a thick coat that will need to be brushed daily to prevent heavy shedding.  

Border Collie

Border Collies are working dogs with active minds and high energy needs, so an active household and minimum of 1 hour exercise each day is a must. If you are unable to provide this stimulation, they can become hyperactive and destructive. Border Collies make great family pets if training and exercise is maintained. Loyal to their owner and protective over their family, Border Collies have a high prey drive so need to be supervised around infants and young children.

Before contacting a local breeder, do your research and ensure they are ethical. Check your surrounding pounds to see if rescuing is an option for your family. If you do decide to go with a breeder, please ensure they are ethical.

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