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Article: Chevy's Story

Chevy's Story
Best dog food

Chevy's Story

Chevy’s story and why Frontier Pets is one of the best things to happen to us…
I live with ME/CFS and its various afflictions.  As a result, I developed social phobias, eating disorders, blood sugar complications, depression and severe digestive issues.  Chevy is trained to keep me safe.
As a German Shepherd, Chevy has poor digestion.  I have also fed him raw food with the necessary minerals and vitamins, but this is taxing for me with my health.  Plus, despite my best efforts, even ‘real’ food would fail me at times.
The discovery of Frontier Pets has been a game changer.  
We have gained:
  • Speedy meal prep
  • Truly nutritious food with minimal effort
  • No more wasting perishable food
  • Consistently perfect poos
  • Zero vomiting or upset tummy
  • An immaculate glossy coat that draws many compliments
We cannot recommend Frontier Pets enough. 
 - Chris & Chevy

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