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Article: Moodle goes through hell until he gets him a new lease of life

Moodle goes through hell until he gets him a new lease of life

Moodle goes through hell until he gets him a new lease of life

I wanted to share this story with you because it's so extraordinary.
We do get stories all the time... all the time... about fussy dogs that have completely turned around when they're fed Frontier Pet food. 

We've also received stories about dogs health improving dramatically.
But this one is special.  Because poor Beau has been through the wars.  And finally, finally, he's a happy healthy pup.

Mum Kelli felt that she had to share the story with me - and now I simply have to share it with you.

Beau waiting for Frontier Pets freeze-dried food
These are Kelli's words - not mine...  

My name is Kelli and I have a 9 month old Moodle (Maltese x Toy Poodle) named Beau. We are both now converts to Frontier after a challenging start for Beau and I just wanted to share this story with you as the Frontier diet has made such a positive difference to him. Its a bit of a story, but it ends well so please bear with me!
Beau is definitely more Maltese than Poodle and despite being firm with him he is a fussy eater, though as it turns out he has had good reason to be. He has also never been a food motivated puppy, but will do anything for pats and cuddles and love!
I got him at 8 weeks old and transitioned him off the Hills dog food diet he was on from the breeder, as even then he wasn't really eating it no matter how many tip and tricks I tried to make it more 'appetising'. He was a whole 1 kg at this point!
So began a journey through many expensive puppy food brands. All grain free, all premium brands. Dry, tinned, refrigerated, frozen, home made bland diet. He wasn't really interested in any of them, and would skip meals sometimes for days. Obviously this worried me!
Then he had an 'ingestion of a foreign body' (he swallowed a strip of plastic that blew into the back yard) at 5 months and so began a string of emergency vet visits, rehydrations due to constant vomiting, anaesthetics and endoscopes. He was about 3.5 kg at this point (at 6 months!)
He was diagnosed with gastritis and suffered endless vomiting and gagging. This affected his stomach, gut, energy levels and growth. He had to come home from the vets at one point with an IV in due to needing to be hydrated and given anti-nausea drugs via his veins.
He had horrendous breath and developed severe red tear staining on his face, and though he was always a beautiful natured, happy boy he wasn't all he could be and I was always worried about him eating enough. His weight was stalled. He wasn't bony thin but he wasn't thriving nutritionally either. 
The puppy centred Facebook group I'm part of suggested trying Frontier. All their puppies and dogs loved it. At this point I figured 'why not?', as I was willing to try almost anything.
I sent off for the trial packs and some paddy whack 2 weeks ago and am happy to say it has been a triumph from nearly day one!
He has devoured the chicken flavour, is almost through the beef flavour and will start the pork ones soon. (He also enjoys the paddy whack, but nearly as an afterthought.) He will sit at his food bowl waiting (something that has never happened before) in the morning and at night. His breath doesn't smell any more, and his tear stains have nearly gone. He is 5.2 kg at 9 months and hasn't vomited in weeks. He is happy, has energy and his bowel habits have sorted themselves out (which makes me happy as well.)
I will definitely be continuing this diet, and am so happy with it I'm donating my cupboard full of previously tried tinned and dry foods to the local shelter for pets in need. The fact Frontier is local, ethical, grain free and has real meat in it rather than some vague approximation of it (the mystery  'chicken meal' of other brands) is only a plus!
Thank you Kelli for sharing this amazing story and for your fabulous pics of Beau.  It makes me smile - so much - I can't tell you.

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