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I was looking around the office the other day and I thought “Holly Crap, we’ve been here five years!”  And look at how we’ve grown and collectively what we have achieved.

On a mission to End Factory Farming I would have been happy if we had already contributed $1 million by now.  Well, we blew that figure out of the water years ago and as of this week, together with YOU, our contribution to ethical farming is a whopping $3,551,261.96. 

What is just as fabulous are the fur-parents who have been with us from the start and have continued to endorse and support us throughout our teething years and the frustrating Australia Post problems.

There are so many of you and to all – a huge thank you!  From the bottom of our little furry paws.


Just the other day I received a wonderful endorsement from Lily Lashes’ (pictured) mum Kathy and I wanted to share it with you.  You’ll understand why I wanted to share because Lily is just so adorable.  But mostly I wanted to thank Kathy – you are amazing – you are a delight and I do not exaggerate when I say that we would not have come this far, this fast, without you.

“It took me 9 months took to find something for Lily when we rescued her 5.5 years ago.   So much wasted time, money and stress.  This is what we went thru:  Blackhawk, Ivory Coat, Royal Canin, Meals for Mutts, Science Diet, Canidae, Taste of the Wild, SaviorLife, BARF (she "barfed" this straight up) and ZiwiPeak. I even made my own mixture - which she didn't even try.  It made me nearly throw up handling the tripe and offal and she couldn’t even be stuffed to try it. Arghh!

Thought I'd found the answer with ZiwiPeak and had nothing else in the house.  She kept turning her nose up at it - I left it down for 10 mins and then put it away.   I just kept bringing it out at her mealtimes.  She went for 1.5 days then ate it reluctantly when she realised nothing else would be forthcoming.  I've had dogs all my life and never had problem until this Miss Fussypants.  I used to stand over her and beg her to eat.  Seriously, I let a dog reduce me to tears.  Lily has now been on Frontier for almost 5 years.  Feeding time for the past 5 years has been a dream instead of a nightmare.  She is still as excited about it now as she was on Day 1 and still scoffs it down. I also used to stress about her not hydrating as she is not a big drinker.  With Frontier I don't have that worry as she is getting enough water with the food.  Winning!

But best of all was the disappearance of all the issues she arrived with (chronic ear infections, bouts of pancreatitis, constant sctatching, impacted anal glands, filthy teeth, no energy and lacklustre furs)😢.  In other words - a hot mess!  All these issues disappeared within a month of being on Frontier Pets.  It has literally been a Godsend for us🙏

Thank you Frontier for making the best pet food on the planet❤️  Lily (and Mum)”

And thank you again Kathy – you did literally reduce me to tears again now reading this.


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