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Your dog can change the world

Our VISION is to end Factory Farming

And we’re going to do this in the most unexpected way.

  • We’re producing a range of superior pet products using only high welfare ingredients and materials that support ethical producers.
  • This will provide a very real commercial contribution to help sustain and grow this very important industry.
  • The more support we give to ethical producers, and the more awareness we bring to the true cost of Factory Farming, the less call there will be for Factory Farmed products.

Eventually we’ll return to low-impact and organic farming – creating a better world as a result.

Frontier Pets customers have so far contributed nearly $250,000 toward ethical farming

This is an extraordinary result in such a short period of time.

Our goal within five years is to be in the millions... yes, millions.

Every time you purchase a Frontier Pet product you are directly and indirectly supporting animal welfare.

Your dog is literally changing the world.

Frontier Pet food only uses 100% high welfare ingredients and materials sourced from ethical producers. SHOP NOW.


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