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14 day money back guarantee

We've been on a mission... to make our pellets (okay - balls) perfect, and by crickey we seem to have nailed it!

We are aware that from time to time our freeze dried product could be a bit hard - particularly the chicken.  

We discovered that this was from the freeze-drying process.  Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, a skin formed as it was being dried. 

This didn't affect the food at all, but it did prevent the water from penetrating the the dry product to differing degrees.

Well - we've solved the problem.  Our new freeze-dryer gives us a perfect result, so now the food comes out soft and absorbs the water beautifully.  

Please take a few minutes to see the difference - and to hear the offer:

The Free-Range Chicken and Free-Range Pork are the first to be dried in our dryer and are available now.

So if you've been put off buying Frontier because you didn't like the harder balls, then now's the time to reconsider. 

Money back guarantee

If you purchase a trial pack (300 grams) and you're really unsatisfied with the result - and your dog is not eating it - then we'll give you your money back.

This offer is absolutely guaranteed, as long as it's the trial pack, and you let us know within 14 days.  That's 14 days from when you receive your pack.

Your unique purchase code

We are making this offer to only a select group of people.  You are one of the few because you haven't purchased for a while and we feel it may be because you've been less than satisfied with the end result.

We want to change that.

So that we can track you, you will need to enter a code when you checkout.  That code is RETURN.  So please make sure you put that code in when you make your purchase.  This is really important please.

We'd love to welcome you back to the pack

We're so happy with the results we're now getting. 

We hope you will be too - and equally we hope that by giving you this guarantee you'll be enticed back to the pack.

Please do give the new food a try.  It really is fabulous.

I'll keep all of my bits crossed for a renewed partnership.




My regards and thanks.



Diana Scott


Frontier Pets Pty Ltd




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