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Article: Free-Range, freeze dried cat food | Frontier Pets

Free-Range, freeze dried cat food | Frontier Pets

Free-Range, freeze dried cat food | Frontier Pets

Cats are carnivores and eat predominantly meat.  So you’d think they would be satisfied with that and eat whatever protein you put in front of them in whatever format.  But.... they’re super fussy as well.

Frontier Pets cat food has been developed by our animal nutritionist and resident technical vet, Dr Kathy Cornack.  

It contains a minimum of 94% meat, bone, offal and tripe.  The food does contain ingredients other than meat, but only in small amounts, to ensure that your cat gets the full impact of a biologically appropriate diet.

Frontier Pets cat food is beneficial for cats in a number of ways:

  • It’s super low in carbs:  Carbs are the biggest health enemy of cats, being a carnivore. There are very few carbs here - just lots of healthy protein and fat.

  • Plenty of healthy oils to help maintain a beautiful glossy coat.

  • The over-the-top superior ingredients are fabulous for brain health and building good, strong muscles from free-range protein.

  • It’s been designed to be biologically appropriate – almost entirely meat and offal, making it perfect for obligate carnivores.

  • Our free drying technology has minimal impact on nutrients, whilst at the same time, provides a convenient way to feed a biologically appropriate meal to a cat, without the mess.

  • Easy to reconstitute with water.

  • Long term feeding of a high quality BARF diet, like Frontier Pets cat food, may help your cat to live their best long and healthy life.

  • Oh – and because of the meaty goodness, in a raw form, many cats just love it.  

Frontier Pets cat food has been given the highest possible rating by independent pet food reviews, at 9.8. See the full review here.

It's the only cat food manufactured in Australia that contains 100% ethically sourced ingredients.  That's Australian free-range meat, offal and wild caught fish (minimum 94%), with small amounts of free-range eggs and organic plant material.

"It is so good to see a cat food that uses ethically sourced material that is also palatable for our super fussy pets," says Dr Clare Middle, vet and author of several books including Natural Presciption diets for dogs and cats.

The majority of cats that trialled the food in Frontier Pets "guinea-cat" trials gave it the paws up.


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