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Article: Five Reasons to leave your dog with a pet sitter

Five Reasons to leave your dog with a pet sitter

Five Reasons to leave your dog with a pet sitter

Having a dog is such a gift. Really, is there a better feeling in the world than being welcomed home at the end of the day by the wiggles, hops, happy whines, and endless slobber of your adorable furry friend?

And, because you love your doggo, you want to make sure they’re happy all day long, not just when you walk through the front door.

That’s why Pet Sitting has become a popular option for many Dog Owners who work during the day. Although previously many people only considered Pet Sitting when they were going away, more and more Pet Owners are acknowledging the benefits of having a person take care of their dogs when they’re at work.

Not sure if Pet Sitting is worth it for your pooch?

Our mates at Mad Paws have put together a list of our top five reasons why Pet Sitting can help make your dog happier and healthier!

1.  Beat the boredom

Sure, every once in a while, we all enjoy a day alone at home. But for pups, being alone every day for hours on end can get tedious and boring. This is one of the leading reasons for those tricky destructive behaviours, like chewing and digging.

And though there are some toys on the market that will help keep your doggo’s attention for a while, nothing beats interaction with other dogs and humans.

Your dog will love the mental stimulation that comes from spending the day with a Pet Sitter. By the time you pick them up, they’ll be so excited to tell you all about the fun new places they explored and games that they played with their dog-loving Sitter! Okay, maybe you won’t understand them, but you’ll be able to tell that they had a wonderful day.

  1. A second set of eyes

Any dog, whether they’re mischievous pups or venerable older dogs can benefit from the supervision of another human. That way, you never have to worry about your dog getting into the garbage or eating something dangerous.

And, if there is a medical emergency, a Pet Sitter will be there to act quickly and let you know what’s going on. You’ll feel so much better knowing that someone is there to look after your best friend.

  1. Extra socialisation

Dogs, as you surely know, are social animals. They’re most comfortable being around others, especially dog-loving humans. But without proper socialisation, you might find yourself with a scared or over-aggressive dog.

Taking your dog to a Pet Sitter, especially one with other dogs, will help the process of socialisation so that your furry friend can be the happy pack animal they are. You’ll notice that they’ll be generally less stressed in situations with new people and other dogs.

  1. Better physical health

Even the excitement of getting out of the house, into the car, and to the front door of your dog’s favourite Pet Sitter (spoiler: all of the Pet Sitters will be their favourite!) will get your dog’s heart rate up. But on top of that, a Pet Sitter will be able to get your dog out for some much-appreciated fresh air and exercise.

That extra walk will do wonders for your dog’s overall health. And, you’ll get a much more relaxed and cuddly pooch at the end of the day.

  1. Less stress for you

As a Pet Owner, you might not realise how much stress or guilt you carry around knowing your dog is at home waiting for you. You might have even thought about canceling social events or leaving work early because you were worried about what your dog might have gotten into while you were away. Also, we know what it’s like to have to do the dreaded house check when you couldn’t come home in time for a potty break.

Whether you’re out of the house for a couple of hours or the entire day, taking your dog to a Pet Sitter even a few days a week is such a relief for you and your pet. And with Mad Paws, you can find a Sitter in your own neighbourhood to take care of your dog while you’re away. All of our bookings are insured, we thoroughly vet and train our Sitters, and you’ll get to meet your Sitter to make sure that your doggo is in the very best care.

So, why not try Dog Sitting for your pooch? They’ll thank you!


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