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Article: Does dog food effect behaviour?

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Does dog food effect behaviour?

Good dog food isn't just about good physical health for your dog. The right diet can also improve your dogs behavour. We ask a lot of our dogs - we want them to listen and obey commands, entertain themselves while they are left alone and get along well with other dogs, puppies and people they meet, so naturally we want to give them all the tools they need to achieve Good Dog status. 

While research into the connection between good dog food, brain health and behaviour is still in the early stages, we do have some great information and common sense to work with. As Di mentions in the video below "if you feed your dog bad food, it will behave badly. Much the same as if you give your child McDonalds or Cordial every day" 

Frontier Pets dog food contains all the key ingredients that support your dogs brain health; 

Protein -  High quality proteins are the building blocks for your dogs body tissues and will be used as fuel in replacement of carbohydrates. They are also effective in feeding the neurotransmitters (Serotonin and noradrenaline) in your dogs brain.  Low serotonin levels in your dogs brain have been found to lead to; 

  • insomnia
  • aggression 
  • depression
  • mood swings 
  • mania
  • anxiety 
  • obesity
  • increased pain sensitivity 
  • obsessive-compulsive behaviors

Hyperactivity, territorial and dominance aggression may be lower in dogs on high protein diets.

Fat - Fat is a broad term when it comes to your dogs health. Good fats like omega 3 may help recovery in psychiatric injury. Low levels may lead to increased stress, anxiety, and aggression in dogs. Dogs appear less aggressive when fed a diet high in cholesterol. 

Fibre - Providing your dog with adequate fibre can lower hunger-related stress, resulting in a calmer, less anxious dog. A diet rich in high fibre vegetables will promote brain health for your dog. 

Carbohydrates -  Some studies have found that when your dog eats refined carbohydrate (refined grains and sugars) it can be detrimental to your dogs brain function. It impairs memory and worsens mood disorders. This is just one reason to avoid commercial pet diets high in refined carbohydrates.

Vitamins & Antioxidants - By feeding your dog a nutrient rich diet you are enabling peak body and brain performance. Fresh organic vegetables contain antioxidants that will help prevent brain cell damage. 

  • Thiamin is essential in maintaining healthy brain cells in your dogs 
  • Curcumin, a natural vitamin found in turmeric, helps fight cancer, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and a natural pain relief.   

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