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Raw Meat Diet For Cats

Why Frontier Pet cat food is a top choice for cat owner

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"My cat Dasha was on a vet diet as he'd had a UTI and I wasn't sure what to feed him to get him off that food long term. I've slowly transitioned him to this food and he loves it and has no issues at all. I feed the freeze dried food to him with lots of water and it helps ensure he's hydrated.

He's bouncing around the house and seems super healthy and happy and I much prefer to give him this real food than the highly processed diet food." - Gabby Shaw

"I have 5 cats and have tried pretty much every brand of freeze dried food.

All my cats love it and the fact it softens so quickly in water, it is convenient to feed on its own or mixed with raw meat. It is rare to find a food that all 5 will eat. It is a quality and I will certainly be a repeat customer." - Gillian Harris

"Nimbus has quite the discerning palate and turns her nose up on any new food … Except for Frontier Pets!

She loved it right away and now she’ll head butt, paw my legs and roar at me while I prepare her food because she just can’t get it fast enough. She licks her bowl clean every single time with Frontier!" - Brooke Wynn

"We first heard about frontier pet food in 2020 and we thought freeze dried food was too expensive for us.

But soon we realised Frontier Pets is actually much more reasonable than the freeze-dried food selling in the shops. And now they even have cat food available! Finally, no need to feel guilty about feeding my dog the best food."- Constance Lam

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