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It’s great to see you back!

Now that you’ve experienced Frontier Pet food you can open up your options.

1. Try another variety – you DO NOT have to transition again. 

2. Give your pup a treat – we’ve got plenty of them and they’re all made using the same ethically sourced ingredients.

IMPORTANT: We use 100% natural ingredients. This means that occasionally your food colour may look different. It is not, it is just natural. Traditional food is sprayed with colouring – ours isn’t. So embrace the difference. 

Never miss another feed

By choosing a SUBSCRIPTION when you next order, you'll never miss a meal time again. IT'S EASY. Select SUBSCRIBE & SAVE when you are on the food order page. You'll be asked how often you want to receive delivery and you'll SAVE 5% on your order. Then, you'll automatically receive your order, as specified, without you having to think about it. You will always be given plenty of notice of when we’re going to send your food, so you can change your order, your date, add some treats or even cancel. You have complete control. It's a no brainer really.