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What's in Frontier Pet food?

Frontier Pet food has been developed with a vet and holistic animal health and wellbeing specialist, Dr Kathy Cornack.

It's been designed to be biologically appropriate for your dog - in other words - to mimic what your dog would have eaten 'back in the day'.  With a little bit of extra thrown in...

Frontier Pet food contains:


Everyone has an opinion on the right diet for dogs – even people who don’t have them! So how do you cut through the nonsense and get to the facts?

When you investigate what your dog should be eating there’s a couple of things that are worth considering: Is the person giving you the advice qualified to give it to you? And does it make sense?

“I have worked with Frontier Pets to develop a complete, nutritionally balanced food that I believe is the most ideal pre-prepared dog food available on the market today.  It's produced using local ingredients from organic and sustainable sources and from farmers who practice high welfare care of their animals.  It's responsible food that makes sense,"
Dr Kathy Cornack.


Dr Cornack has been working as a vet for over 30 years and has an extensive list of professional qualifications relating to veterinary science, animal behaviour and nutrition including:


Frontier Pet food is as good as it gets. It contains:

Your first full pack order of dog food comes with a very handy (and very clever) measuring cup with bag clip.  Shop now.