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We want your dog to star in a Frontier Pets television commercial!


We’re putting together a television and online commercial for Frontier Pets.

The intention of the commercial is to let more people know about Frontier Pets and to generate more customers.

We want the commercial to include real footage of real Frontier Pets customers (dogs).

This real footage will take up around 20 seconds of the total 60 second commercial, and may include many dogs, or just a few, depending on what works.

We are inviting you to film your dog and submit this film to us for review.

To fit in with the theme of our commercial, we would like footage on your dog in one or more of the following scenarios:

Greetings from Your Dog:

Whether you are returning home from work or holiday, we’re looking for that ball of energy who never thought they’d see you again. 

Naughty Dog:

Although we do not condone it, we are looking for guilty dogs caught red handed who have committed crimes against couches, furniture or made a mess in the house. 

Happy Dogs:

Playful, cute, funny dog moments


The footage can be as long as you like – we will cut and paste as required.

The footage should be shot on a phone or video camera turned horizontally (so it’s wide).

Once you have taken your video or videos (you can submit as many as you like), please upload into a dropbox at this link:


So just go to the link and post your video.

Please include your first and last name and a phone number for contact with your video.

Not all footage will be selected.  The footage that will be selected will be because it fits best with the rest of the commercial.  It will have nothing to do with dog breed, or age or any other factor.  Footage that is grainy or hard to see will not be selected for obvious reasons.

We are so excited about this and look forward very much to seeing what you submit!



Please note the following when submitting footage:


Entry is only open to Australian residents.

Entrants under 18 years old must have parental/guardian approval.

We need to receive your submissions by midnight, August 30, 2019.

If we decide to use your footage, we will contact you.

Your footage must be in a movie format that can be opened a viewed.  If we cannot open it, we cannot review it.

You MUST include your first name, last name and phone number with your footage please.

By submitting your footage, you are giving Frontier Pets and it’s contracted commercial production company, the right to use your footage without payment or recompense in any way.

By submitting your footage, you are providing free and clear use of this material and that you are able to do so for the pet featured within it.

This activity is being facilitated by Frontier Pets Pty Ltd.  16 Memorial Airport Drive, Evans Head  NSW  2473.

Further enquiries can be made via info@frontierpets.com.au

Thank you for your submission.  We’re so exciting about this project and can’t wait to see your pups in action!

My regards and thanks again.



Diana Scott


Frontier Pets Pty Ltd