On-Farm Slaughter delivers better beef

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Some time ago a company called Provenir approached us with a view to selling us their beef.  This is grass-fed, free-range beef… of course.

We get approaches like this all the time and it’s wonderful, but what made this particularly amazing is that Provenir have developed a system that slaughters cattle on-site – so literally on the farm.

This represents a massive step up for animal welfare.  And it’s pretty good for the farmer too.

What this means is that the beef don’t have to be transported to an abattoir.  They are gently led to an outdoor facility and it’s all over within seconds.

The animal is much less stressed and the farmer is as well, because they don’t have to load them onto the trucks and watch them drive away.

Remember, we’re talking about free-range farmers – these guys really care about their progeny!

The main intention with this kind of humane slaughter is to provide restaurants with the best possible quality of meat.  The man behind Provenir, Chris Balazs, says that the method by which an animal is slaughtered will determine the quality of meat.

During transportation, the stress can cause cattle to use their muscle sugars or glycogen.  These sugars are turned into lactic acid by enzymes after the animal is dead and help improve texture and flavour.  The worse the conditions, the less the quality of meat.

Balazs wanted to get rid of all of the horrible conditions of an abattoir and instead process the animals on the farm. 

His vision for an abattoir on wheels that could be wheeled from farm to farm has come true – after many years – and it’s now a reality. 

Provenir provide Frontier Pets with trim – the cuts of meat not used by the restaurants (but still massively fabulous quality) and all of the offals.

We had no hesitation partnering with Provenir on this project because it fits right smack bang in the middle of our animal welfare vision.

It’s great also that they thought of us – which just shows that we’re doing the right things and making the right noises also!