Jess Elliston plays in the forwards for the Gold Coast Titans in the NRLW, she was recently selected in the 2022 State of Origin team to represent Queensland on June 24th.

Jess and her doggo Dougie have recently joined the Frontier Pets pack, and we sat down with Jess to chat about all things dogs, footy and life in general.

Here is what she had to say…

Q. First question is always about the dog so tell us about yours

A. I’ve got a 1.5-year-old red cattle dog Dougie!

He is the most loyal and affectionate dog you’ll ever meet. He doesn’t understand personal space, you give him an inch and he’s all up in your face.

Like me, Dougie is a super active dog which is why we chose the red cattle breed, I had a cattle cross growing up, so I knew they’re hard work but worth it if you know what I mean. I think that’s something only a cattle dog owner understands.

Q. Have you had any challenges with Dougie?

A. Dougie is actually very shy, he is a one-person kind of dog and he doesn’t let anyone touch him.

Being typical working dog Dougie loves to affectionately herd kids. Such a cattle dog thing to do!

Q. Tell us about Dougie’s feeding habits?

A. To be honest he was never really a food orientated dog we tried a few off the shelf products, but he wasn’t that interested. So, we fed him a chicken and rice combo, I did find hand making his food was very time consuming with my busy schedule.

Then we found Frontier Pets and I just loved how nourishing it is for him. Nutrition is important to me as an athlete, and I’m constantly looking at what is in my food, now I can sleep better at night knowing Dougie is literally eating better than me. I mean who can afford organic veggies right now?

Dougie clearly thinks Frontier Pets food is the best dog food, as he went from not being much of a foodie to licking the bowl clean from the first meal.

And, OMG and he just loves the Chicki Necks and Tripe.

Q. Treats & Training

A. Training him has become a whole lot easier because he loves the treats so much, he found his food drive, so I can bribe him to do all the good things!

Q. If Dougie played NRL what position would he play?

A. Like his Mumma Dougie showed Rugby League skills from a very early age.

He’d would be playing in the forwards, because he is always up in your face.

We have a saying in footy when someone is always in everything, ever tackle, every play non-stop their playing like a cattle dog. So, basically my dog is me! 

Check him out here:


Q. Dog beach or Dog Park?
A. Dog beach without a doubt!

There’s nothing like a day at the beach with Dougie herding the family's pets Pepper & Choppy!

You’ll find us at Dreamtime whenever we have a spare moment.

Talking Footy…

Q. You’re one of the pioneers of women’s sport in Australia we’re finally seeing professional sport front and center demanding media, TV coverage and sponsorship tell us about your journey to the NRLW.

A. I came from Rugby Union pathways but moved across because of the opportunity NRLW presented to play real professional footy.

It’s come a long way in a short time and there is an incredible cohort of girls pioneering the professional development of the game on the field, but there is amazing support from a broader dedicated group of people from the NRL HQ right through to clubs pushing the boundaries to give women equal opportunities in rugby league.

We have a long way to go but it is a pinch myself moment to be part of something bigger than myself.

Q. What is it like playing for the GC Titans?

A. The club culture is incredible from the CEO to the players and everyone in between the whole club is so supportive of the growth of the sport.

Our CEO Steve steps outside the role of what you think a CEO should do, he is like one of the team and he is really invested in seeing NRLW succeed.

It’s also really special to represent the Gold Coast the place I grew up in!


Q. Your favourite footy moment?

A. Playing for the Titans special.

Being chosen to represent the Maroons at the 2023 State of Origin Series is a career highlight.

It’s my debut for the Maroons and I’m pumped to play top level footy.

When I run out on the field it really will be a celebration of the incredible team who support my journey. I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my family, especially my little sister G, and the team at Crossfit Border.

At the same time my training has really paid off and making State of Origin is a reflection of the hard work the team and I have put in.

Q. What do you want to see for the next generation of young women dreaming of playing rep footy?

A. I want to see women’s footy as a full-time job, so young girls can aspire to see professional sport as a legitimate career, that is played on TV every week.

You can’t be what you can’t see.

So, I want to put women’s sport front and center so young girls can see it and be inspired to be it too!