Mother Pig escapes the farm to deliver her piglets in the woods. 

This is Matildas Story... 

In an attempt to save her piglets from the slaughterhouse, mother sow, Matilda escaped the farm (supplier of mega-chain Marks & Spencer)  to delivered her 10 piglets in the nearby woods. 

Matilda and her 10 piglets were found by a local dog walker. All piglets were healthy and cared for lovingly by Mum. Matilda, on the other hand, was found 'ringed' and underweight. Ringing involves the insertion of a metal ring into the pig's nose to prevent the pig from rooting for food. 

The dog walker, Anna Aston, got in touch with Brinsley Animal Rescue, a charity that finds new homes for rescued animals and runs its own sanctuary. With the help of community support and a public outcry to boycot Marks & Spencer until Matilda and her piglets were release, Brinsley Rescue were able to convince the farmer to release Matilda and her piglets into their care and have now been placed in Surge Sanctuary where they will live out their lives together and safe from the cruelty of factory farms. 

Jon Beresford, who runs Brinsley Animal Rescue, told the BBC: “Matilda’s maternal instinct has driven her to escape from a commercial farm. Pigs are incredibly intelligent creatures and they have a huge maternal drive.”