Kibble does not clean your dog’s teeth

It’s time we addressed this.

Just about every day we get an email or a call or a social media post saying…

“How can I keep my dog’s teeth clean if they don’t eat kibble?”

There seems to be a belief that eating hard biscuits cleans the teeth and helps to prevents dental plaque.

The fact of the matter is that kibble does NOT clean your puppies teeth.  In fact, it is often the cause of the most damage.

Like everything we advocate, we ask you to consider – What Makes Sense?


Kibble is a heavily processed food containing a lot of starch.   Would you eat a peanut bar (nice and crunchy) and expect it to clean your teeth?  Would you eat a starchy biscuit and think you’re doing your pearly whites a favour?

Like so many other aspects of animal health it is quite a complex space with lots of conflicting information, and many vested interests. 

The bottom line is that dogs are supposed to eat raw food.  Raw food contains the natural enzymes that are needed to break down the food that causes decay..

A balanced natural diet (such as Frontier) that contributes to the maintenance of optimal wellness, will help to prevent plaque and dental disease – but all processed food will contribute to the formation of plaque and hence tooth decay.

The most effective way to maintain good dental hygiene is by appropriately feeding raw meaty bones or Frontier Paddywhack as part of the diet every day.

There have been a number of small studies that have looked at the positive health and dental health benefits of the regular feeding of raw meaty bones.

In Australia some of these investigations have been done by Dr Tom Lonsdale and Dr Ian Billinghurst, however there is a lot of material available from Dr Google should you have the time.

Please do not be mistaken – kibble is not the answer the oral hygiene. Quite the opposite.