Entertain your dog with Crumble!

Due to the heavy hands of our postal service, sometimes you will find some crumble at the bottom of your dog food bag. Make sure you don't through this out, it is exactly the same food as the pellets and has so many wonderful uses, pop it in a jar, store in the cupboard. Below I have jotted down my favourite crumble recipes. 

Frozen Crumble Smoothie Kong

Got some left over veggies from last nights dinner? Pop them in your blender with some of your crumble and water. Blend, fill your Kong and freeze. Give the frozen Kong to your dog just before you leave the house to keep him entertained for hours! 

Crumble Lickimat 

Lickimats are designed to help reduce anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour. For a calming evening treat, mix natural yoghurt with a spoon of crumble and spear it on your likimat.  

Frozen Ice Blocks 

For a cooling summer treat, mix crumble with water, (sometimes I'll throw in chicken necks and veggies too), pop in Chinese container and freeze

Kongs can be purchased from - https://www.kongbox.com/ 

Lickimats available at - LickiMat Slow Feeder, Enrichment Treat Dispenser for Dogs & Cats – LickiMat Australia